Robot Bluetooth Speaker

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  • When it comes to robots, there aren't really any shades of grey. Robots are either straight up baddies or rip-roaring goodies. BB8 from Star Wars = Goodie. Hal from Space Odyssey = Baddie. Murphy from Robocop = Goodie. T-1000 from Terminator 2 = Baddie. Wall-E from Wall-e = Goodie. Roy Batty from Blade Runner = Baddie.

    See? You don't get robots that are just 'okay'.

    And this little robot is no exception. Thanks to its ability to smash out your favourite jams at the swipe of a phone or tablet, this Bluetooth robot speaker is unequivocally on the 'good robot' list.

    And the comparison with BB8 doesn't end with its ability to do good, they're also both on the small side (5cm by 6cm to be precise). But their meagre dimensions aren't a fair reflection of the power housed within. They might look cute but these dinky little speakers can crank out a tune that would shake Kylo Ren down to his very light sabre. And should you receive a call in the middle of your mini disco, then this little guy will just act as a mic as well.

    Final bonus points come for the lanyard clip on the top, which makes it easy to wear your robo-speaker on the go. Even the glorious BB8 didn’t rock one of those.
  • Measures 60mm x 50mm x 35mm

    Bluetooth version V 4.0

    Comes in White, Blue or Pink

    Power input: Mirco USB

    Battery capacity: 900mAh

    Charging time: 2hours

    Working time: 9-10 hours

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