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Plastic People - Personalised Mini Brick Figure in Frame

When can I expect my item?

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    Your item is made especially for you, so it takes about 10-12 working days to be put together.

    UK orders typically arrive within 12-15 working days after order date. 
    US orders typically arrive within 17-20 working days after order date. 
    International orders typically arrive within 18-20 working days after order date.

COVID-19: We're operating as normal and we don't expect any delays, however it might take Royal Mail a little longer to deliver your parcel.

Life in plastic, it's fantastic...

I've you've ever wanted to see yourself immortalised in a tiny plastic figure then Bluecrate has just the thing - a tiny figure hand-assembled to look just like you! Upload a photo of yourself, give us a brief description, and hey-presto, another brick on the wall.

Made from our huge collection of components, we'll be able to get your figure looking just right, though it may be a little yellow.

We do have some limitations:

  • Skin colours. We can only accommodate the classic yellow 🟡.
  • Vehicles. We can include racing helmets and a surfboard, but no bikes or cars 🏄‍♂️ (note surfboard not always available).
  • We cannot usually offer adult accessories...keep it clean, people.
  • We do have beer mug and wine glasses 🍷.
  • We cannot offer custom printed items. Names, numbers or very specific outfits such as Uniforms, Sports Kits or Team outfits.
  • We cannot provide accurate Tattoos/piercings. therefore we recommend leaving them off the figures.
  • We do not offer babies or toddlers as accessories, but can provide them as the main figure (instead of a full size one). Note: this will mean limited styling options. 👶
  • Babies under the age of 2 will be the classic Baby brick, which only comes in white, but is in scale to the other figures. Babies or children over 2 and under 12 will be assembled with short legs. 👶
  • We cannot offer branded elements (specific drinks/computers/devices) – we have generic versions of most devices though.
  • Shaved/balding heads will be given full hair or no hair – we don’t have thinning hair as parts (or ‘shaved short’).
  • Maroon outfits. It’s just the toughest colour to find! We’ll substitute in red or brown, or go with the style requested in an alternative colour if maroon is requested. ❗️
  • We can’t cater to specific famous figures that aren’t easily replicated. We cannot guarantee the delivery of previously released branded themes (eg Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel etc) – though we will try where possible 🧙‍♂️
  • Shoes (these figures don’t really wear shoes) ⛸
  • We cannot custom print specific outfits, so generally specific icons or designs on an outfit are not possible 🎨