Anti Valentine's Day Coaster

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  • Did it ever strike you as weird that our society’s chosen symbol of romance is an over-zealous baby armed with a bow and arrow? Us too. Sorry Cupid, but we're all self-partnered over here.

    That’s where these coasters come in. For every single one of these coasters that’s created, Cupid lets out a sad little sigh that’s only audible to by loved up couples. Not a single ounce of romance is allowed in the building where they’re made.

    Choose between “If you're single and you know it, use your hands.”, “SelfPartnered”, “If you're single and you know, die alone", ''Single AF'' or ''If you're single and you know it [personalize with something amusing].

    Then every time you start to feel a warm flush of emotion towards another person enter your soul, whack out your chosen coaster and pair it with your Anti Valentine's Day mug, fill that with something hot and dark, drink it down and give yourself a good talking to.

  • Our coasters measure 9cm x 9cm and are made from a high quality hardboard. They have a smooth, glossy finish.

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