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Oh hi there, so you want to know a little more about us, huh?  Well, we're Bluecrate -  gifts made personal. The London-based shop you go to to get that gift for the person that has everything.

We've been in 'the biz' since 2017 scouring the globe for the perfect products to compliment our range of already amazing products.

With over 1.3 million followers on Facebook, we've mustered up quite the following over the years. Our customers love our products and we love our customers - and it shows, just look at our reviews on Trustpilot!

To date, Bluecrate has made over 250,000 customers happy!

Bluecrate is a Jungle Creations brand.

We're in the Press


What our origin story?

Well, sit back, kick those feet up and sip on your hot chocolate (slurrp). This, my dear reader, is a story unlike any other you’ve probably heard before…

Our story began on an Autumn evening in 2017. Our founder - that’s The Founder to you - had been scrolling for hours looking for that perfect gift for his significant other.His frustration was mounting.

Page after page, the perfect gift eluded him. Eventually, he let out a mighty cry. Hands directed to the heavens, The Founder bellowed, “Why isn’t there an online store that simply has the perfect gift for my significant other?!”.

There was a thunderous crack! He had bumped his coffee cup off his desk. He knelt down to pick up the broken pieces, when under his desk he saw it… A crate. A…blue crate.

As if given Divine inspiration, The Founder quickly registered the domain “bluecrate.com" on GoDaddy. Bluecrate was born.

There you have it - our origin story. Sure, it’s not glamorous - but it’s real. It’s gritty. Authentic. Like Batman. We’re Batman.

Are we dropshippers? 

Good question!

We used to drop ship our orders from the Far East, but don't anymore. We changed for the following reasons:

It's not very eco-friendly
It's quite obvious that sending individual orders from the Far East to the UK and USA isn't the most 'green' way to go about things. And while we still have a long way to go, we're committed to being more responsible with both our products, production and fulfilment.

The customer experience was awful
Blunt, but true. Orders took ages to arrive and often were sent untracked. So no more!

So what do we do now? 
We work with UK and USA based partners to fulfil our orders. This means that we can offer more affordable and reliable postage, and our orders now travel much shorter distances. 

Our mission

Bluecrate's original purpose was to improve life in an hilarious way, and we're still committed to finding interesting and fun products that we know our customers will enjoy. 

We're on the hunt for the perfect birthday presents, thoughtful anniversary gifts, and unique personalised products that will bring a bit of fun and joy to our customers lives. 

Above all, we're on a mission to make thoughtful gifting easy and enjoyable.

Work with us

Want to work with us as an affiliate or feature us on your blog? We work with a wide variety of affiliates and press. If you're looking for a partnership, please do reach out to us!

Got products that you'd like to see on Bluecrate?Please get in touch with us at support@bluecrate.com and we'll be in touch!

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Hand Drawn Personalised Yellow Face Mask

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