Shoe Skins

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  • Ah, there are few things better than getting a new pair of kicks. That new-trainer smell. The brilliant white upper. Those crisp laces… Mmmm. 

    We all know it’s just a matter of time though. Perfection doesn’t last forever. 

    Soon your beautiful, squeaky-clean trainers will need to face the harsh reality of city life. Dusty roads, littered public transport (why are there so many chicken bones?), and gum-covered pavements still waiting to be cleaned from the night before. Every step exposes some new evil that is hell-bent on defacing your new trainers. 

    How can we bring trainers into a world like this? Is it even fair to them? 

    Fear not, for we have the solution: Shoe Skins. 

    Much like the conventional skin, these protect the things you love the most. Simply slide them on yourself - or ask a friend - then stomp your way confidently into the places your new shoes could only ever dream of going before. 

    The Shoe Skin come in three sizes and conform to the contours of your shoe to help preserve your dignity (unlike their predecessor). 

    Festivals? No problem. Sticky-floored East-London pub? Pfft, easy. 

    *Disclaimer: show skin use cannot provide absolute protection against any hazard.
  • Available in:
    Small: (20.9cm X 12cm)
    Medium: (24.5cm X 14cm)
    Large (29cm X 17cm)

    Gripping, ribbed sole to, um, provide grip

    Made from silicone rubber
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