Cosmic Sand

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  • Sand is arguably the oldest toy out there. After all, ancient Egyptians were building sandcastles long before those little plastic building bricks were just a twinkle in some Danish guy’s eye.

    So, given it’s been around for so long, we reckon it’s high time that sand got a makeover. Cue Cosmic Sand Xtreme, which is what sand would be like if a beach had babies with a sparkly marshmallow.

    Thanks to its endlessly mouldable, silky texture, this new formula of Cosmic Sand takes creativity to a new level. Not only does it never dry out, but your sculptures will also hold their shape for hours, whether you’re larking about with it in a playroom or an office!

  • Non-toxic kinetic sand material

    1000g packed in two packets of 500g

    Keep sand away from water and humidity

    Keep the sand away from animals

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