Personalised Hooded Fleece Blanket

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  • Winter is fast approaching (You thought I was going to say "Winter is coming", didn't you?... pfft) and it looks like it's going to be a real bone-chiller. The only real consolation is that there's really nothing like being all cosied up on the sofa when it's zero degrees outside, toasting away - wrapped in a blanket.

    Blankets are great and all, but they never quite wrap you well enough - and even if they do, they're not always easy to walk about with hands-free. And it's never easy to abandon the warmth of a blankie - I mean *clears throat*... blanket.

    We thought the blanket could do with a much-needed overhaul, so we added a hood. Now, you can be cocooned from head-to-toe in double-layered, fleecey goodness - with the inside being extra-fluffy. And, you know, you can print your face on it, because this is Bluecrate. We put faces on everything we can.

    Simply upload a picture of your, a friend's or your pet's face and our artists will scatter your picture all over your blanket - edge-to-edge.
  • Adults size: 120cm x 190cm
    Kids size: 90cm x 140cm

    Thick, double-layered fleece blanket with sherpa fleece inner for that extra-comfy feel.

    Machine washable at 30 degrees celcius

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