Personalised Pet Face Air Fresheners


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  • Air is great. It’s integral to breathing and keeps balloons inflated. But you know what’s even better than air? Air that’s smells good, and that is where personalized air fresheners like this one come in.

    This snazzy little product not only makes air smell really, really good, it also comes with your pet’s adorable little face on it.

    Choose from scents like coffee, mojito, bacon etc. Even fresh from the grooming parlour, your pet has never smelled this good! Each pack comes with 3 custom pet air fresheners featuring your pet front and centre.
  • Our personalised pet air fresheners have a maximum size of 3.5" x 5.25"

    They are made of an absorbent paper cellulose material and printed in high quality with your favourite pet.

    You get six custom pet air fresheners in a single pack.
  • Customers can expect orders to arrive 9 - 12 working days after ordering.

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