Birthday Gifts For Boyfriends

September 08, 2021 3 min read

Birthday Gifts For Boyfriends

When your boyfriend’s birthday is coming up, you can’t help but feel excited about getting the perfect present to make him feel special. Boyfriends are not very good at giving gifts, sometimes they think our world revolves around flowers and chocolates. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, eh?

The bottom line is we don’t want to be like them and girls like to turn things up a notch. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your boyfriend smile and look genuinely happy after giving him the most amazing present.

Travel Buddy

If your boyfriend loves to travel or he’s one of those whose job requires him to travel, then the first thing he’s going to need is a reliable suitcase to bring wherever he goes. He probably has one already but most likely, it’s an old boring one with no personality at all!

And you, being his amazing girlfriend, would want him to stand out all the time. The Case Skins - Personalised Photo Suitcase Cover sounds just about the right present for him. You can have any face printed on this suitcase cover which makes it fun and unique.

man peeking behind a suitcase with pesonalised case skin with his serious face printed on it

Imagine having your face on his suitcase cover so all the girls out there know he’s already taken or maybe he won’t be too sad and missing you whenever he sees your face on his suitcase. It’s like he’s taking a bit of you wherever he goes.

This is such a hilarious gift, it will surely make him smile. Have a photo of his favourite band or his pet and watch his heart melt. You can turn his old and regular suitcase into something marvellous and definitely a sight for those who need a smile.

Comfy Beany

What was your first impression of your boyfriend’s place? Does it have enough furniture or the right style? Most men don’t care about such things as long as they have a place to eat and rest. That’s where you, the ever so reliable girlfriend, comes in.

woman sitting on personalised bean bag with many faces printed on it

Having something comfy to sit on like the Personalised Bean Bag is a lifesaver! It’s huge and can be the centrepiece of his living room. What’s fun about it is you can have any face printed on it so it kinda feels like you’re sitting on someone else’s face which is something not everyone has done before.

It’s definitely a conversation starter and will bring out laughs any time of the day. If you want unique and funky then this is what you need!

Snuggle and Cuddle

Are you the type of couple who enjoys Netflix nights or chilling under the stars while enjoying a hot cuppa? If your boyfriend isn’t one of the cuddly types, you can give him a little push with this Personalised Face Blanket so he can snuggle up with you while watching your favourite film.

personalised face blanket with goofy man and smiling soman face on a colourful lips black background


Enjoy the fleecy goodness of this amazing blanket with your faces on it to make it more special and personal. You can choose from different backgrounds that suit your personality. You can also just leave it on his couch or bed and it’s a great addition to his room decor. 

Light It Up

Everyone needs a bedside lamp even your boyfriend. But not everyone needs a boring piece in their bedroom. So the best gift you can give your boyfriend is the Giant On/Off Bedside Lamp which is both useful and modern.

This huge lamp will light up any room with its slick and fun design, you can never go wrong. It will add a touch of creativity to any place and brighten up your mood any second. If you think your boyfriend deserves this, be his light in a shining armour and brighten up his room!

hand pressing a giant on/off lamp on a bedise wooden table

These are all great ideas to make your boyfriend smile on his special day, but always remember that it’s the thought that counts. You can always surprise him with romantic ways like cooking a great meal or giving him a love letter perhaps. He will appreciate it either way. 

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