Your Super Cool Gift Guide for Cooks & Chefs

September 04, 2018 3 min read

kitchen gadgets

Cooks and Chefs are architects of the best food!

Supporting them on this delicious journey are the durable kitchen accessories and aromatic ingredients along with their culinary skills.

Chefs are always on the lookout for innovative and time-saving kitchen hacks to help them excel in the food preparation process.  With a chef or cook as your friend, buddy or partner, why not partner them in this quest?

Here, we bring you the curated list of kitchen accessorieswhich helps them serve up delicious dishes in minimum time in absolutely innovative ways.

Kitchen Hacks

Make life easier and faster for your cooking chef friend by getting them this powerful set of kitchen gadgets.

Express Salad Slicer

Chopping and slicing vegetables for your salad has never been easier! Chop and dice up your choice of veggies with the express salad slicer. Using it is a breeze and cleaning it up is even easier and should be done by hand.

Rapid Food Processor

Maybe you quit using the food processor due to its huge and bulky size. Welcome to the rapid food processor which is small and compact. It has many functions and can be used conveniently.

No cord food processor does not need any electricity to function. Just pull a string, and you can use it to blend your salsa or the salad dressing quickly!


Pineapple Corer

Do you love eating pineapple but are not really a fan of coring them? Then this is the perfect kitchen gadget you need today.  This pineapple corerlets you perfectly core pineapple without the stress and effort.

Do it in a flash and enjoy your juicy pineapple bites while binging on your couch watching the latest Netflix series.

Watermelon Knife

Yeah, so you love watermelons!

We do too, but we don’t really like all the associated cutting and peeling of the fruit. To counter that, we scoured the markets and got you a fabulous, time-saving kitchen accessory. Introducing the watermelon knife, which is its best buddy!

Specially designed for a watermelon, this knife allows you to get the peeling and slicing done in minimum time. Why not invite your buddies for a fruit lunch and show off your super cool watermelon knife!

You can easily use this for muskmelon, honeydew and cantaloupe as well.

Portable Package Re-Sealer

Never ever have stale chips and cookies again. Get this Portable Package Re-Sealer and forget ever having stale eatables.

Small gadget with powerful design, this portable package re-sealer is super useful for sealing packages once they have some leftovers. It seals the package which retains the flavor and crispness of the food item inside.

All you need to do is hold the package edges in one hand and press the top edges with the portable re-sealer. It goes on to press the package like a stapler and seals its mouth firmly with heat.

Avocado Masher

Mmm, don’t we all just love having mashed avocado!

Use the amazing Avocado masher to mash your avocados nicely and smoothly. Stop fighting with the avocados to mash them.

Want avocado for your morning breakfast toast? Use the masher and get creamy and soft avocado mashed in minutes and enjoy the toast.

Very easy to clean and dishwasher safe, this masher can also slice open the avocado with its in-built knife.

Remove the pit and scoop out the avocado with its classic curved design. Whether you need to mash one or hundred avocados, you can do it all with the avocado masher!

Avocado Cuber

Cube your avocado in mere seconds! For all the avocado lovers who want to cube avocado for their salads, this kitchen accessory is what you need. This avocado cuber allows you to slice open the avocado, take out the pit and allow the cuber to do its job.

Avocado Keepin'-it-fresh cover

Do you frequently have huge avocados that you are not able to finish in a single meal? Or do you prefer having half of an avocado and sealing it for later use? Ok, we get the drift.

With so many avocado lovers who try to save half of their avocado in cling wrap, aluminum foil or zip pouches but fail to do so, the Avocado Keepin’ it Fresh Cover works as a boon. Stop your avocado halve from turning into an unpalatable mushy gooey which cannot be eaten.

Get your AvocadoKeepin it fresh cover to save the avocado halves for the next mealtime carefully. It helps the halve to stay fresh and turns the clock back on its freshness.

Secure all sizes avocado halves inside this sweet little cover.

Make Your Choice

So, which kitchen accessorydid you choose for your friend? Why not remove all your doubts by getting your friend more than one and see his happiness multiply!


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