Top 5 Ways to Jazz Up Your House Party

July 24, 2018

shot roulette


Are you planning a graduation party in the next month? Or maybe your girlfriend’s surprise birthday party?

With parties being a dime a dozen, you are planning a lot of things to make your party stand out.

So, you have got the most delicious food catered and the free-flowing drinks bar and are wondering what to include next?

Apart from the happening music, you should really get some games and wacky things to play with and make things exciting.

In this nifty little guide, we have curated the coolest stuff you would want to get your hands on for the party!

Mix and match the things you like and make your home a snazzy and fun place!


Floating Drinks Holder

Hey, it's summer!! The season of barbeques, beach parties and the best season to enjoy! Summer is upon us; it's time to kick back and relax in the sun with a drink in your hand.

Why not pair up your juicy chicken wings with the best whiskey or vodka money can buy? Enjoy it with the smashing floating drinks holder which will hold your drink comfortably.

Relax in the sun by the poolside or take a dip in the pool. Go ahead and recline and let the floating drinks holder handle your drink for you.

All you need to do is to inflate it, and it does its job by keeping your drink safely.

This cute little holder comes in so many different shapes, that you can make a collection of your own! The rafts are designed to work with beverage glasses of all sizes.


Shot Roulette

Work your luck and win big!

At your big house party, this is one game your friends are sure to enjoy.

With no money, they can try their luck to see if they can win.

This Shot roulette is a kind of Spin-the-Wheel game which can elevate your party from boring to wild in a matter of minutes.

It even comes with a 2-Ounce shot glass of its own. Just unpack the game and get started.


The Shot Glass Game

Kickstart your house party with this super sexy shot glass game.

Go ahead and spin the arrow and once it stops, whoever it points at has to drink!

Easy isn’t it!

Spin and drink!!

Isn’t it the perfect gift to give your buddies, girlfriend and her friends too!

Remember that spin the bottle game? The Shot Glass game is pretty much similar except the drinking part though! Yeah, the kissing too can be included to the game to make it steamier!

Hey! You can make up rules for a personalized game too. Enjoy the Shot Glass game at your house party, pool party or carry it along for the party at your girlfriend’s place.

It also makes for the most smashing 21st birthday gift ever!

Designed to be played with 2-6 number of players, you can even play solo if you’d like! The shot glass is included in this game which should ideally be played responsibly.

Beverage Stacker

Have you ever had a couple of beer cans and just when you started, they fell and went rolling on the floor. Whew!

How irritating that can be, isn’t it?

Get the beverage stacker and make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Great for 12 cans which stay in place, unless you pick them up yourself. Made of silicone base which does not slip away or stick.

This is a lovely time saver and makes for an excellent gift for your buddies. Maximum of 15 cans of pop, juice or beer can be stacked up together.


Flask Bracelet

The perfect answer to your drink on the go is the Flask Bracelet.

Just fill it up with your choice of drink, close it tightly, and you are good to go. Whenever you are thirsty, you can keep sipping it conveniently.

Designed from stainless steel, this stylish bracelet is great for sneaking in your drink to wherever you want to go. It is non-reactive and does not rust or corrode with time.

It can comfortably carry 100 ml of any beverage.

Just measure your wrist size and make sure the fit is good before you go ahead and buy it.




Jazz it Up

Whether you are thinking of buying these coolest items for yourself or gifting to others, they really make for a memorable gift!


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