Top 3 Gadgets to Help You Become A Sushi Master

July 20, 2018 3 min read

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Summer is here!!! The season of barbeques all around. Do you want to make your barbeque party the most talked party in the town?

Want your guests to remember your memorable party for years to come? Why not surprise them with a smashing do-it-yourself sushi counter!

You can even have a couple’s sushi game! So, one person will make the sushi and the other needs to eat it fast! The couple with the maximum number of sushi prepared and eaten wins the game!

Hey, what did you say?

Don't you know how to make sushi?

Chill, that’s ok man! We have you covered!

With our smartest sushi gadgets, you will be a sushi maker in minutes!


The Deliciousness of Sushi

Hmmm, the amazing tiny bite of that wonderfully crafted sushi is absolutely delightful! So much deliciousness in such a small bite!

Ah, sushi.

World famous Asian dish with very modest origins has caught the imagination of food connoisseurs across the globe.

Forget carbs, the dreariness of oil or the fullness of protein. Sushi is the subtle form of food art which has to be eaten once to be understood.


Sushi Master at Work

How to become a sushi master?

Once you go through the most classic sushi cookbooks or take training from the expert sushi chefs, the one thing that matters the most in sushi is -presentation.

Your sushi rolls need to come out perfectly which is why the Bazooka is your best friend!

No longer will you have loosely packed rice, veggies falling out from the rolls or unevenly sized rolls. The bazooka makes simple the most difficult of sushi techniques which is assembly and rolling.

Let’s see how you can make sushi in a few minutes and impress your girlfriend at the barbeque party!

Say bye to painstaking hours of rolling the perfect sushi roll. With so many gadgets at your service, making sushi will be a much looked forward to the event.



Welcome the Sushi Bazooka

Become the Michelin chef you have always wanted to be and impress your girlfriend!!

Make no mistakes; this Sushi Bazooka will floor you with its fantastic homemade sushi which will roll out from this lovely gadget.

Create super tasting sushi in minutes with this awesome culinary masterpiece.

Stock up your kitchen with the basic sushi ingredients and this powerhouse gadget will dish up sushi in minutes.

All you have to do is keep sushi rice and ingredients together on its cannon base and start the plunger. The plunger dishes out perfectly sized sushi rolls for you and your friends to enjoy.

Don’t skip the yummy wasabi and soy sauce on the side to taste the classic sushi with its accompaniments.


Easy Sushi Roll Maker

Say hello to this super easy sushi roll maker which you will absolutely love!

Impress everyone by just assembling your sushi ingredients together and using the sushi roll maker on it to roll out the best looking and nicely made sushi.

Be the talk of the town with this simple yet effective sushi roll maker.

Just get your nori, veggies, nicely sliced fish, and you are good to go.

Super fun and easy to do at the party with your friends too. You need to get it today to get started and do-it-yourself.


Sushi Making Kit

For those people who are adventurous and want to get started on the more elaborate style of making sushi at home, this sushi making kit is just perfect.

This sushi kit allows you to prepare sushi in various shapes like round, heart, square and pyramid. Fun shapes make sushi even more cute to eat. Design your sushi effortlessly with the different shapes and cut-outs available.


Birth of the Sushi Master

Save your time in mastering the bamboo rolling mat and spending hours making sushi. Become a sushi master in minutes with the instruction guide and recipe book included with the kit.

Prepare low fat and high-quality yummy sushi and enjoy the natural flavours of the dish!

Put together great tasting and healthy ingredients to prepare highly nutritious food in your own home.

All you need now is the specially cooked rice, veggies for the stuffing’s and sliced fish of your choice with one of these fabulous gadgets to get started!


Look forward to your comments on how the sushi barbeque party turned out!!!


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