The Ultimate Kitchen Accessories Guide for The Avocado Lover

August 05, 2018

avocado keeping it fresh cover

Are you an avocado lover? With so many health benefits and a smooth texture, avocado is anyone’s perfect superfood.

Avocado is a nutrient-dense food item which has very few calories but a substantial amount of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.

Did you know that one-third portion of a relatively medium avocado has only 80 calories and contains nearly 19 minerals and vitamins? That’s a lot of nutrients packed in just 50 grams!

Avocado is arguably the only fruit to contain the good fat. It is also known as the monounsaturated fat which is considered healthy for the heart.

Apart from having good and healthy ingredients, avocados also have less of the unhealthy ingredients like sodium, sugar and cholesterol.

The fat contained in the avocados acts as a nutrient booster for absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, K and E. Its creamy and smooth consistency is healthy and safe for babies and small children as this can be one of the first foods they can safely eat.

With a host of health benefits and a lovely creamy texture with multiple uses, many people just can’t have enough of this wonder fruit.

Make an avocado toast in the morning or have it as guacamole in the evening with your tacos, there are umpteen ways to use this versatile fruit.

Here we have rounded up some of our favourite kitchen accessories which helps you to eat avocados easily and conveniently. You will love to have these flexible accessories whether you have avocado once a week or once a day.


Avocado Masher

Guacamole lovers welcome aboard!!

Become skilled at mashing avocado for your guacamole with the super cool Avocado Masher. Make your guacamole nice, creamy and perfectly mashed with this wonderful kitchen tool which is dishwasher safe as well.

This masher has an in-built knife which is great for slicing open the avocado and can be used to remove the pit. The classic curved design helps to nicely scoop out all of the avocado and minimizes wastage as well. Whether you have one or one hundred, you will only take minutes to mash all your avocados.


Avocado Slicer

Do you struggle with your butter knife and the avocado every day in the morning? Stop the struggle and just grab this handy Avocado Slicer.

It comes with an oval-shaped slicer on its bottom which helps to get all the avocado without wasting a bit. Its unique design helps to slice the avocado and then skilfully place it on top of your toast.

Avocado Cuber

Do you like having your avocado in cubes? Within mere seconds you can turn your avocado half into small little cubes. All you need is this fantastic avocado cuber.

Slice the avocado open, throw the pit away and use the cuber to prepare avocado cubes. This cuber is not only convenient but also dishwasher safe.

Avocado Keepin'-it-fresh cover

Well, many avocado lovers simply aren’t able to finish their entire avocados in a single mealtime. Have you tried keeping the avocado half in foil, wrapping in clingfilm or small zip pouches to no avail? In all these methods, avocado turns into gooey mush which simply can’t be eaten.

If you are one of them or just want to use the other avocado half for the next day’s breakfast, why not get the Avocado Keeping it fresh cover.

Use this food-safe cover to store your half avocados for another mealtime safely.

Whether it is small or big, any avocado can comfortably fit into this sweet little cover.

So what are you waiting for? Get your Avocado-Keepin'-It-Fresh Cover today!


Make Your Choice

Though not the easiest option, making your own meals can definitely save you time and keep you healthy in the long run. Many people find daily cooking to be a challenging task.

With so many different steps in cooking from collecting ingredients, preparing the products, cutting or slicing them followed by the actual cooking and dishwashing, many people are rightfully put off by the activity.

Well, using smart kitchen tools for your cooking can help you develop an entirely different perspective. You can save time, energy before and after the cooking which will actually help you enjoy the meal.



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