The Perfect Drink Accessories Guide

August 12, 2018

blow up bar

What can be better than a chilled drink?

 Well, apart from the drink itself, drink accessories can make or break your experience.

We are not talking about the vintage glasses and decade-old accessories which have been done to death.  With evolving time, products and their usage undergo a complete revolution. Here we have prepared a curated list of the most fantastic and useful drinking accessories which are both new age and modern.

Let’s see how you can enhance your beverage experience with the world’s most innovative products:

The Unbreakable Wine Glass

Welcome your drinking buddy!

Drinking times will never be the same again with your very own Unbreakable wine glass. Designed with a modern and minimalist look, enjoy your drink with it anywhere you like.

It is ideal to carry for your travel and can be easily taken without any risk of breakage. Enjoy alone or with friends as it comes in packs of 1, 4 & 8.

Forget the time you broke your old wine glass. Manufactured from Silicon, nothing can break, bend or shatter this sturdy and solid wine glass. This unbreakable feature makes it perfect to carry for your spa sessions, beach and barbeque parties, camping, boating and just about anywhere!

Great for all types of drinks like beer, coffee, wine, whisky, soda and juice, these glasses are dishwasher safe, stain resistant and BPA free to boot.

Wine Buddy

We are proudly introducing the Wine Buddy.

Once you use the wine buddy, you will be a fan forever. With this wine buddy, you and your beloved wine never have to part ways. If you are watching television and binging on popcorn, you can be hands-free with the wine buddy. The doorbell just rang, you can have your wine buddy to hold your wine for you once you open the door.

Working on your laptop and need to have a drink? The wine buddy comes to your rescue by allowing you to combine work and drink at the same time. Well, who said business and pleasure could never be mixed!

Aren’t you already in love with the wine buddy? So, when are you getting yours?


Blow Up Bar

Get ready for your house party tonight with your very own floating bar!

Just WhatsApp your friends and get your drinks, while the Blow-Up Bar chills your drinks just right!

It efficiently and conveniently cools your drinks anywhere and has a funky floating feature as well! Whether a Barbeque or a beach party, you can be the king of all with your special blow up bar.

In summers, you can even lie on the floating cooler while sipping your drink. Enjoy the night and party away!

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Do you struggle to open the wine bottles every time you have guests at home? With the electric wine bottle opener, this will never happen again.

Stop trying to endlessly open the wine bottles with silly openers which never seem to do their job. This convenient wine bottle opener will make your life easy with its easy to use mechanism which pops out the cork in mere seconds, not minutes.

You will be not less than a professional bartender when you stylishly and gracefully open the wine bottles.

Keep a set at home and carry another one for parties, boating, camping and outdoor booze sessions. Do note that you will need a set of batteries and you are good to go.

Wine Bottle Lock

Get your wine bottle lock and keep your wines safe from naughty hands.

This wine bottle lock is designed to be used as a smart safety lock, and it helps to store your wines and liquors safely at home.

When you have this wine bottle lock, you can rest assured that any unwelcome guests and naughty little children cannot get their hands on it. It also works to store the wines and eliminates leakages if you happen to store it after consuming some contents.

This nifty little lock is a great gadget to use at your home and makes for a super useful gift for your drinking buddy as well.

If you stay in a dorm or have a roommate, this small lock can be a lifesaver as no one will be able to drain its contents.

Take Your Pick

If you have a whole bunch of super cool accessories for your home bar for entertaining your friends, it elevates the entire experience!

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab your super cool drinking accessories right now!


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