Labor Day Gifting Guide

September 04, 2018 3 min read

heat sensitive iphone case

With Labor Day just a week away, are your gifts properly planned for ordering? Labor Day is one wonderful occasion which allows you to give simple and useful gifts to your employees.

Use this opportunity to make them feel wanted and be the employer of choice with your simple and thoughtful gifts!

Periscope Glasses

Have some mercy on your neck! With the advent of the smartphone and tablets, we all are constantly doing stuff on our smartphones. Whether it is watching a movie, playing games or simply browsing Facebook, our smartphone keeps us busy.

Make your life fun and kick neck pain out with the Periscope glasses! They help you take care of your neck while you do all the heavy work on your smartphone.

Designed with unique double reflective angles, these glasses come with two separate mirrors which are fitted inside each lens. Once you see through the Periscope glasses, you have an upright viewing angle which significantly relieves the pressure on the neck.

So, to save your neck and have a laidback attitude to life, get the happening Periscope glasses today!!

Tidy Tuck

Do you struggle to tuck in your shirts every working day?

Though you kept aside a full one hour to get ready, is the shirt tucking task eating up almost all of that time and still, you barely get it done? Get the Tidy Tuck and save your time and ditch the stress!

With the Tidy tuck, you barely need minutes and even seconds to get the shirt all tucked in nicely as it should be! Showcase your best look with all your dressing styles from casual to formal, complex to simple. Whether it is a party or a business event, you need the Tidy Tuck to get the well-dressed award!

Shouldn’t you instead get two of these super useful contraptions? Keep one in your car for any emergency situations and one for your powder room.

Anti-Theft Backpack

Have you always wondered if you could have a compact backpack to store your stuff safely? Are you a private person, and want to keep your things in the backpack but keep it secure and private at the same time?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then the Anti-Theft Backpack is what you need. Get this convenient backpack with inbuilt hidden compartments and zipper closes.

Easy to use with its simple one style fold, you can use it to keep your daily essentials with the peace of mind that no one will be able to open it.

Be the Style king or queen with this stylish backpack which is perfect for school and university! It even has a USB port on the side of the bag which allows for quick and easy charging. The backpack has a durable and sturdy built and is made from oxford cloth.


Heat Sensitive I-Phone Case

Be the envy of your friends and even enemies with the super sexy heat sensitive I-Phone Case!
This amazing phone case has the extraordinary capacity to change colors automatically, as the heat absorbed by it increases or decreases in intensity.

Don’t you believe it?  OK, why not see and examine for yourself!

Just hold the iPhone with its heat-sensitive case and stand in the sun for a few minutes. This iPhone case oozes with style, and it is formulated from a durable and sturdy shock absorbent plastic combined with the rubber.

You can even choose from the many colors available such as orange, red, blue and green. Just remember to select the right one when you order from iPhone X, 5S, 6 or 8Plus!

Smart Bottle

Is your travel bag seeming to be incomplete? Do you struggle to carry your car keys, cards, phone, and a water bottle all at the same time? Smart bottle is here to make your life easy.

Yes, the Smart bottle is one remarkable bottle which has separate internal compartments. The compartment storing drinking water and your smartphone are different.

Designed with multiple inbuilt hidden compartments, you can keep your car keys, headphones, spare change and credit cards. Gym, office, work, play, or simply hanging out with friends, this Smart Bottle is an absolute must-have!

Make Your Choice

Why not get a bunch of these wonderful products together and get your staff to pick one for themselves from these nicely wrapped, surprise gifts!


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