July 19, 2018


School is out and summer is officially here. Although this is a time away from school and homework that most teenagers always look forward to, they can grow bored by the time the third week rolls around. So these lazy, hazy, crazy hot summer days mean that you as a parent have to think of fun summer activities you can do with your kids and teenagers to keep their minds occupied. Of course, it doesn’t mean that it’s your job to keep them entertained, but you also don’t want them to make some unwise decisions or fall into bad habits out of curiosity and boredom.

This definitely presents a challenge for parents who are working and do not have the luxury of being able to take a lot of time off from work or huge bank accounts to spend on those expensive summer camps. However, keep in mind that this can be the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your kids and teens and it doesn’t have to cost too much. It can also be the perfect time to have them learn a new skill, get their creative juices flowing, think about their choices for the future, pursue a passion that they have, create long-lasting friendships, and just have some good old-fashioned fun while they’re at it.




Mermaids are usually one of those mythical creatures whose appeal can survive childhood into adulthood. If you have a little kid, teen or tweener who loves mermaids, invite their friends for a sleepover and surprise them with these mermaid tail blankets. These things will definitely score you some brownie points in the cool parent category.  Throw in some washable hair color in bright shades or glitter makeup for added effect and pair them with these shirts that say Mermaids Don’t Do Homework (well, only for the summer, of course). Don’t forget to take fun photos of them lounging in these cute outfits to capture these awesome moments.

Aside from hosting a mermaid-themed sleepover, you can also encourage a love of reading in your child. And snuggling up with a good book on a cool summer night with these cozy mermaid tails wrapped around you can definitely sound very inviting. Or if you have a kid who already likes to read, it may be a good idea to start a book club for your family. Decide on a book that you and your kid (or everyone) can enjoy and start a discussion about it. This is also a great time to share and read your favorite childhood books and stories with them.

Alternatively, you can swap out the books for movies and have a movie marathon/ movie review club and get comfortable in your couch with some popcorn or any other junk food of your choice. Make your movie list an interesting mix from classics to modern as well as from thought-provoking to the sheer mindless fun. Then spend time talking to your kids to listen to their thoughts about the movie and get to know them better.



Numerous studies have shown that art is a great method of stress therapy, so getting your kids interested in art can only be beneficial to them. It’s also an excellent way to allow them to develop their creativity and color appreciation.

But enrolling them in an art class can usually be quite pricey, so a quick and budget-friendly way to achieve this is to give them a Painting By Numbers set which already has everything they need to recreate the artworks of famous masters like Monet or Picasso. Better yet, do this activity together by buying a set for each of your family members and set up your easels outside for a great day of painting al fresco. You never know, they might just be hit with a sudden inspiration and fall in love with art for life.



Summer means that the sun is out and the heat can sometimes be sweltering. It’s the perfect opportunity to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in your child by having them sell refreshing beverages. Update the old lemonade stand and turn it into a cool slushie stand with this super easy-to-use slushie maker that even your kids can operate.

Having them earn some money on their own can be a good way to teach them to handle their own finances. Provide the capital for them at the start or if they have savings and they want to use it, you can also just add a little bit to it to get the amount they need to purchase the initial supply. Then once they’ve started, teach them how to budget their money to buy additional supplies and ingredients or help them think up of ways to expand their small business. This can be a great venue for your child to learn about accountability, responsibility and forward thinking at a young age.


Speaking of summer heat, one of the most fun you can have to battle the heat is to enjoy a day out by the pool or in the yard having a water gun or water balloon fight with your kids. Here are some water balloon games that you can try, or create some of your own--the possibilities are endless!

  1. Water Balloon Hot Potato Played much like a regular game of hot potato except the person who has the balloon when the music stops must smash it over their head.
  2. Ring Toss. Have one person hold a ring (perhaps a hula hoop) on one end and another will try to put through as many water balloons as they can for points. For an added challenge, create an interesting twist in the game by increasing the distance as they move up the levels.
  3. Capture the balloon. It’s  game of capture the flag but instead, you burst someone else’s balloon to get them out
  4. Water Balloon Volleyball. Split into two teams and set up a net, line or hose in between. Each team will use a towel or piece of cloth to toss the water balloon back and forth. The other team wins a point every time the other team breaks a balloon.
  5. Target Number Practice. This is a great way to incorporate number recognition/ problem-solving skills and a fun water balloon activity. This easy and educational game is a great way to keep their math skills sharp over the summer.

For even more ideas, try this list.

No matter what age you are, a water balloon fight will always be a fun thing to do. However, you don’t want to get stuck for hours making a hundred balloons to prepare for these games and activities. So do yourself a favor and buy a Rapid Water Balloon Filler that can fill up to 111 balloons in just 1 minute.

Summer means plenty of spare time for your kids, so make it a point to spend time with them before they get busy when school starts again in September. Pick and choose any (or do all) of these fun summer activities you can do with your kids and teenagers and make this the best summer ever.

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