Best Tweens Birthday Gift Guide for 2018

August 16, 2018 3 min read

mermaid tail blanket - Bluecrate UK

With your friend turning 11, you should be welcoming her into the special tween club by throwing a big bash for her!

Surprise her with some fantastic and cute gifts which she is bound to love. Why not pick some from the curated list we have drawn up for you.

Kitty Lamp

This one is too cute to be true!

The Kitty Lamp is your personalised night lamp!

Having admirers from across the world, you will fall in love with this super cute kitty shaped lamp.

Teens, children to adults and everyone else is so much in love with its cute and functional design. It is the best thing to have if you need a bit of light to be on at night. It’s absolutely perfect for your friend who loves cute little surprises.

Designed from washable silicone, it uses soft BPA free material and is safe for your tween friend.

It uses a rechargeable battery to work and can be out into bed as well as it doesn’t get hot.

Runaway Alarm Clock

Since your tween friend goes to school, we are sure she would be struggling with waking up in the morning. This unique runaway alarm clock would be a lifesaver for her.

The alarm is designed to wake her up each time successfully; this runaway alarm clock actually runs away once it starts ringing. It is a fabulous way to get up in the morning without the typical alarm bell ringing.

The clock runs away from where it is placed on the table, and you have to catch it to switch it off. It can stop on its own only once it bumps into an object like a chair or a table. Its unusual mechanism means that you will need to get up to switch it off and by that time, you would have already woken up! Great, isn’t it?

Mermaid tail blanket

Being a mermaid is a dream of almost all girls at their growing up stage. Slith, beautiful and graceful, which girl can refuse to be a mermaid?

Gift your friend this beautiful and graceful mermaid tail blanket which will remind her of the mermaid princess Ariel. Give your tween friend a chance to fulfill her dreams and be a mermaid in her very own mermaid tail blanket.

Cute and comfy, this is a great gift for most of the seasons like spring, autumn and winter. Whether your friend is lounging on the sofa or binging on Netflix, this mermaid blanket would keep her warm and toasty!

Selfie Light

Selfie is the latest obsession which has gripped the attention of everyone starting from the tweens to the millennials. Why not gift your friend a selfie light to complement her cute smartphone?

Allow her to have fun, use the pretty functional selfie light and click away.

She can rule Instagram with the beautiful images she can click with the selfie light placed on top of her smartphone. It lights up the frame and gives adequate lighting to enhance the image quality.


This selfie light is powered by LED and can create the best lighting for any device, be it a laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

Get your best shot with the selfie light and customize the lighting of the images with its built-in brightness levels.

You can use the USB charger which comes with it without worrying about any batteries. It can easily run for approximately 2-5 hours based on the time it takes to charge.

A fully charged selfie light operating at low brightness levels can run for around 4.5 to 5 hours.

Make Your Choice 

Let your tween be the queen of Facebook and Instagram and rule the world. Choose from the many amazing giftswe have curated for your tween friend or mix and match to create a great gift basket for her!



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