Best Moving Gifts Guide You Will Need for 2018

August 16, 2018 3 min read

smart bottle

Is your sister moving away this fall? Why not give her a lovely gift as a mark of your love? Giving her a gift card would be so simple and boring. Spice it up and make it exciting by giving her an innovative gift which she would cherish and use regularly.

Let’s read on to see the cute and fabulous gifts for your sister which you can choose from.


Forget the simple, cute and boring stuff toys. Far from being cute, these Evimals are scary. Once you look at them, you may find them adorable.

Beware of the Evimals who can race from being cute to spooky in a matter of seconds. Evimals are a worldwide craze, you need to get this awesome spooky stuff toy for your sister.

Scare and amaze her with your innovative and fun gift! Once she picks up the Evimals and gives it a gentle squeeze, they turn into a raging and angry monster with their scary fangs. You can get her one or a collection of three which includes a unicorn, a rabbit and a teddy bear.


Smart Bottle

Wait till you see this one. You will be hardly able to believe your eyes as this Smart Bottle can shock and surprise you!

Smart bottle allows you to store your phone and water together in the bottle. The Smart bottle is the perfect solution for all the times you need to carry your water and phone together. Catch the envious stares of those around you when you carry this little wonder gadget.

Stay hands-free and carry this cool bottle everywhere from work, college, gym, parties and even night-outs. It has a small hidden compartment where you can easily store your car keys, headphones, USB drive and many more small items. Guess what, you can even plug in headphones!

If your sister is an active person, she would love its secret compartments where she can stash your stuff before going for a workout.

Make your sister’s life comfortable by gifting her this smart bottle and let her enjoy!


Mini Raclette

Is your sister an absolute cheese lover? She will love this thoughtful gift if you give her this mini raclette! It would be great for her to use in her dorm or even at any party if she goes out! Using this portable small cheese raclette is so damn easy, it could be a crime!

Get your cheese all gooey and dripping warm by putting the cheese raclette to good use.

It uses the warming power of small tea lights to melt your cheese exactly as you would like it to be!

Would you like to have your cheese in a sheet or make a dip? You can do both with ease.

You just need to put your cheese block on the raclette, melt it and slowly slide it off the raclette. You can slide off the entire melted cheese too if you would like that!

Magic Defrosting Plate

If your sister is going to live in a dorm, she would certainly need things to help her with cooking or preparing food? The Magic Defrosting Plate can come to her rescue.

She can easily use the magic plate for all her defrosting needs with the frozen foods. For the days, she doesn’t want to cook, go out or make much effort; this magic plate will help her whip up a meal in minutes.

The best part is that she will not require any chemicals, microwave or electricity. Spend minutes barely to defrost your frozen food without using any chemicals, microwave or electricity.

Its excellent superconducting tray can warm up the food in minutes by generating enough heat mixed with the natural air in the room.

She can use it for thawing steak, lamb chops, frozen chicken meals and much more. Forget taking 30 minutes to defrost and thaw, this wonder plate gets the job done in half the time with no electricity cost to boot!

Make Your Choice

Go ahead and make your choice from amongst the innovative gifts which we have curated for you! We are sure; your sister would love the thoughtful and lovely gifts from her sibling!


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