Best Gifts for Your Organized Sister

September 04, 2018

runaway alarm clock

Is your sister a fanatic organizer? Can she not sit still even for a couple of hours without actively doing something to make her life more planned?

Let’s see the nifty little products we have on offer which she would absolutely love to get her hands on.

Closet Helper

Closet Helper is your personal genie! Be like Aladdin and your closet helper becomes your genie!

This Closet helper promises to make your closet more organized and make your life easier.  It will readily eat up all your documents and loose papers into it. Ditch running from one room to another to search your documents.  Once you allow the closet helper to take charge, you will get your life back.

Do you keep searching for utility bills, event invites, credit card statements, rental receipts and bank account statements forever? Anyone can easily go bonkers while looking for so many documents if it is not kept properly.

Reclaim your life by getting this closet helper today. Use the different sections to keep all the documents separated into inbuilt files which can be easily traced. You can even label to store them conveniently. Since it is supposed to be placed in the closet, it helps you save space on the floor and the room.

Smart Bottle

You have heard and seen the smartphone. Now its time for the Smart Bottle. Prepare to be surprised when you look at this amazing bottle which is built to store water and your phone.

Yeah! That’s a wonder bottle which is perfect for all the times you want to carry just your phone and water when you go out.

An innovative product, you are sure to catch envious glances from all people when you carry this wonder bottle to a party, dinner or your workplace.

Make use of its hidden storage compartments to store your car keys, headphones, USB drive and what not. Staying hands-free was never so easy and fun.

Just tag it along when you have to go to work, gym or just handing out with your friends.

Magic Defrosting Plate

The Magic Defrosting Plate is an awesome gadget which makes your life so much easier.

Whether it is cooking food or just prepping up, the magic defrosting plate is the perfect tool. Frozen foods can be prepped for cooking with this wonder plate.

Whip up a delicious meal in bare minutes by using the magic plate to get all the frozen foods defrosted. You can get a meal ready without using any chemicals, electricity or microwave radiation.

Its effective superconducting tray is good at generating a lot of heat which mixes up with the air to warm up the food placed on it.

Go ahead and use it for thawing lamp chops, frozen chicken, frozen meals and steak.

Runaway Alarm Clock

Make your life fun with the Runaway Alarm Clock. Ditch the sad and powerless feeling when you lethargically pull yourself to get up every morning. With the runaway alarm clock, you will be happy, fresh and raring to go.

Never feel lazy or tired again in the morning. Rolling on the bed or turning on your back and sleeping off will be the things of the past.

This cute alarm clock merrily jumps from the table where its kept and scoots away!! The only way to catch it and make the alarm ringing stop is to switch its off button before it hurries away.

Forget the shrill and high-pitched sounds emanated by the old-fashioned alarm clocks as this innovative clock with its unique wake up mechanism cheers you up.

This adorable little alarm clock makes a loud alarm at the pre-set time and then scoots away in one direction. If it bumps against many objects, it simply changes directions and continues running away.

Be prepared to get up and set up the alarm clock to quieten it as that’s the only way to switch it off or stop it. It is a great organizing tool for everyone wanting to catch the best hours of the day and get more of their day back in control.

Make Your Choice

Your sister will appreciate your choice of the most innovative gifts! If you are in a dilemma to choose the best one, get her two different products and see her happiness multiply.




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