Best End of Summer Gifts for Your Friends

September 04, 2018 3 min read

man looking at beer foaming mug in hand

Well, the summer is coming to an end. Mark this happy time with a party at home or a meet up at a party hotspot.

Gift your friends with some unique and wonderful gifts to mark the occasion. Let’s look at the carefully curated products we have for you and your friends.

Self-Stirring Mug

The mug which has the world mesmerized is here.  Get your hands on the Self-Stirring Mug which is one of the coolest innovations of the modern world!

Ditch the spoons and make your favourite coffee in the morning. Are you wondering how to get your morning coffee ready? Well, that’s easy. All you need to do is put your coffee and water into the self-stirring mug, and the mug smoothly mixes them up for you. It nicely blends the coffee into the water to give you that perfect cup.

Just add sugar and milk as you prefer and have your coffee at leisure. Isn’t it an excellent idea where you are saved from stirring multiple times a day if you have many coffees in a day. Save yourself quality time to do the things you love the most.

The Pantastic Fry-Up

Have your own barbeque party at home with the Pantastic Fry Up!

Take care of your health in all the rushed mornings by having a delicious breakfast with the Pantastic Fry Up. Were you having a takeout coffee for your breakfast everyday?

Get your body the nutritious breakfast it needs by using the many sections of the Pantastic Fry Up. Save time and make pancake, omelette, bacon and toast in the same pan.

Impeccable as a gift for yourself or your friends, getting this Pantastic Fry Up makes breakfast times so much easier. Reduce the time needed for preparing the ingredients, cooking and cleaning up by more than half.  Reclaim your health with the Pantastic Fry Up.

Quit using five different pans for your cooking and have the healthiest meal of the day. The separated sections also keep all the food items separate from and not brush against each other. Designed from aluminium alloy, this is a very lightweight product.

Adjustable Spice Rack

The Adjustable Spice Rack is what you need to store your stuff in the best and effective manner. Are you having a lot of things but no place to store them? The adjustable spice rack makes storing stuff in any space.

Whether you would like to store spices, nail paints, cosmetics, toiletries or your hobby items like paints, is for you to decide. No need to measure the space where you would keep the spice rack as it can easily adjust itself in the available space.

The rack compresses itself within the space you have or expands if a lot of space is available.


Do you miss having your coffee because you have many things in your hands? With the Multi-Cup, you will not have to worry about this.

Have your coffee whenever you want to with the Multi-cup. It is so easy to carry and even has a cover on it to retain your drink and its flavor with the passage of time. Forget any spills or leaks when you carry your daily coffee in this awesome Multi-cup.

Beer Foaming Mug

Yeah, this is what you need to end a hot summer day! Your very own personalized beer foamer! You would be amazed to know that the smell of beverage power more than 80% of its aroma.

Enjoy your custom beer by pressing a button to add the right amount of froth to it. If you love froth in your beer, this beer foaming mug automatically generates any amount of foam you would like to include!

When you release foam into the beer, carbon dioxide gets released into it which spreads its aroma all around. Doing this allows lessening the fullness and bloat which usually occurs after having a frothy beer.

Designed with food grade plastic, it is effortless to wash the beer foaming mug.

Make Your Choice

With so many brilliant innovative products on offer, why not snag a couple of them for yourself and make the end of your summertime refreshingly different!


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