Back to School Gift Guide for 2018

August 12, 2018 4 min read

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So, you are thinking of a gift for a friend who is starting school this year. You want the gift to have that elusive wow factor and be useful to the friend at the same time.

You searched everywhere starting from your little neighbourhood gift shop to the online e-commerce biggies but did not land up with anything.

Let us help you with some super cool and useful gift ideas which are bound to get your friend’s pulse racing. They stand out with their features and are wonderful for the receiver to use and appreciate.


Kitty Lamp

One of the cutest and adorable gifts ever is the Kitty Lamp. Anyone who sets their eyes on this one is spellbound and may even hanker afterwards to get one for themselves.

Its admirers cut across ages and locations. Well, what exactly is this?

Say hello to your own personalized night lamp which is designed in the shape of a super cute kitty.

We must tell you that after you grab one of these for yourself, you can consider getting one for your lovely sister who would absolutely drool over this once she gets her hand on this one. Yeah, don’t forget your girlfriend who would be so happy to get this totally adorable gift.

Made from silicone which is washable, this kitty lamp is made of soft BPA free material which is safe for children in case they touch or hold it. It comes with built-in rechargeable battery and can even be put into bed safely as it doesn’t get hot.


Mood Setting Moon

Revamp your home and its décor by getting the fabulous Mood Setting Moon.

Manufactured using LED lights, this lamp is shaped like the moon and has a glowing look which can light up the house.

This is a 3D printed LED Light lamp which is your very own personal moon inside your room.

Change your moods and emotions as you look at it when it changes colors when it goes from yellow to white and vice-versa.

You can easily adjust the settings to make the moon go from white to yellow in a flash! Make it the master showpiece of your house, bedroom or the living room.

 Using it is really very easy. Take the USB charging wire to charge the moon with a full recharge taking approximately 6-8 hours. A full recharge will make the moon work for 8-30 hours.


Runaway Alarm Clock

Stop struggling and get up on time every single time with the Runaway Alarm Clock! Even though you fail to get up in the morning, the runaway alarm clock can be your saviour.

Never ever go back to sleep or roll over on your bed when you have the alarm clock which simply scoots away after it rings.

Get up from the best every morning with the Runaway Alarm Clock which helps you get up with nice and soothing sounds. Forget the sad old ringing of the classic alarm clock which is shrill and high pitched.

This sweet little alarm clock simply rings at its scheduled time and then runs away after falling from the table where it is placed. It can be switched off only if it bumps into different objects on the floor.    

It can even change directions once it bumps into anything and continues to scoot away. The only way to quieten it is that you will need to get up and switch it off. The beeping continues until you manage to press the off button and quieten it down.

Light and heavy sleepers, both can use the runaway alarm clock to wake up.


Mop slippers

Mop away with the super convenient Mop Slippers!

Worried about cleaning the house without breaking your back? Just wear your mop slippers, walk around the room and the house while your mop slippers do their job.

Mop slippers are a revolutionary product which has made cleaning an activity which you would look forward to doing.

Using the mop slippers alone is also exciting and doing it with your boyfriend will help to have fun while cleaning the house!

If you are worried about the possible sizes, don’t be. Designed with stretch material, these mop slippers can easily fit feet of young children and young adults. You can wear them in multiple styles like over the shoes, go barefoot or simply put them on the mop and do your job.

The mop slippers take the shape of a wearer's foot and are good at cleaning up dirt, dust and pet hair as well.

Forget the old-world vacuum cleaners and evolve into the new with the mop slippers. Just wear them and walk around the house. Easy to use and easy to clean as they can be easily cleaned by hand washing or machine wash.


Take Your Pick

We are sure that while going back to school is an exciting time, the whole bunch of cool accessories and hacks make it even more interesting. Grab one of these awesome products for your friend today and watch his eyes sparkle as he gets ready to use the wow product.

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