July 09, 2018


The 4th of July is synonymous with BBQs and picnics. With the hot summer months officially upon us, what better way to spend time than to enjoy a yummy BBQ with family and friends holding a cold drink in your hand and lounging by the pool.

So are you ready to have some fun this 4th of July? Here are some awesome ideas for a great 4th of July party that will ensure everyone had the time of their lives with minimal hassle.

The Drinks

  1. Use frozen water balloons to chill your drinks. 

    Fill up some water balloons with water and stick it in the freezer so you have some nice ice packets to keep your drinks chilled without the slush and spill of the usual ice bowl. They also work as water balloons once melted. And of course, when they do melt, you can just stick them right back in the freezer (or use them for your water balloon fights). Pro tip: Want to know how to fill-up 100 water balloons in 1 minute? Check out this video:

  2. Buy shatterproof wine glasses/cups. 

    Sometimes people just can’t help but get really drunk during a 4th of July party, and it’s your breakable wine glasses that suffer because of this. You don’t have to worry anymore when you buy shatterproof wine glasses like these that can take the abuse and still stay in great shape. They’re also easy to clean and store.

  3. Get a Soda Dispenser. 

    It’s a party. You don’t want to spend half your time pouring drinks for everyone including your kids, your neighbors, your in-laws, your colleagues and one or two uninvited guests. Keep it hands-free by placing the soda bottle upside down on this soda dispenser to turn it into a tap and allow everyone to help themselves to their favorite sugary, carbonated drinks.

  4. Defend your beverage bottles from flies and bugs. 

    Don’t you just hate it when your beer has gone stale or a fly/bug has landed right inside your beer bottle? Well, beverage defenders are the answer to this modern-day dilemma. This set of 6 differently colored caps keeps your booze fresh and also makes it easier to identify whose drink it is after you put them back in the fridge.

  5. Go for wine openers that won’t make you whine. 

    Old-fashioned wine openers just have a knack for draining your strength and patience that you just want to smash that bottle against the wall to get to the wine. Ain’t nobody got time for that. That’s why you need this electric wine opener in your life. Never again will you lose your poise or have to make a face when opening your favorite bottle of rose, chardonnay or merlot.

  6. Bring along a slushie maker. 

    The sweltering heat this summer can oftentimes be unbearable, so a slushie is just the perfect way to cool off and beat the heat. Make frozen beverages on this portable slushie maker for everyone to enjoy including some Slush Puppies for the kids or some boozy drinks for the grown-ups. Bonus points because it doesn’t require any electricity and keeps the kids busy with helping to make the slushies while making sure no tiny fingers get hurt in the process.

The food

  1. Defrost your meat in no-time with the help of science and some magic. 

    So it’s the day of the BBQ and you forgot to do one very important thing: you forgot to leave your frozen food out overnight to thaw. Here you are with a nice piece of meat that’s frozen solid and nowhere near ready to be cooked. No need to panic. The Magic Defrosting Plate is here to save the day. It gets your meat ready for cooking in half the time without the use of microwaves, chemicals, or electricity. The magic of science has made it possible for the super-conducting tray to absorb the natural warmth in the air and using it to defrost your food right before your eyes.

  2. Prepare fresh food for your BBQ without the hassle. 

    The best foods are always the ones that are freshly prepared. Make delicious salsa on-the-spot or skewer 35 kebabs in one go and without breaking a sweat by taking along these genius food prep hacks like the Kebabzi and these amazing kitchen hacks including a food processor that you can bring with you to your outdoor picnics, an express fruit and salad slicer, and a pineapple corer.

The fun

  1. When you’re too cool and everyone just has to basically deal with it. 

    Throwing a party that’s too hot to handle? Make sure you look the part. Throw on these Deal With It shades and lounge around like a boss. You didn’t choose the thug life, it’s the thug life that chose you.

  2. Play the ultimate drinking game. 

    The classic beer pong just got a new twist. We’ve decided to up the ante by having the players wear it on their head. Challenge your favorite drinking buddy to see who’s the best beer pong player of all time, and have a night of laughs. The beer pong hat keeps your 4th of July party interesting and will surely create some memories you don’t want to forget. (But you’re likely to because, let’s face it, you’re gonna get hammered.)

The 4th of July is definitely a time to sit back, relax and enjoy being with friends and family. So don’t waste your time slaving away in hauling that ice bucket to and from the ice chest to keep your drinks cold or chopping tomatoes and onions for your salsa.

Here’s to enjoying your 4th of July drinks, BBQ and picnic without the headache or hassle. Declare yourself free and independent from these party dilemmas forever by following our awesome ideas for the best 4th of July party. I’ll drink to that.


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