9 Gadgets that Will Help You Make It Through Your Work Day

July 20, 2018

desktop punching bag

Are you bored and frustrated to the point of no return?

Wondering, what the hell you are doing at your desk?

Whew, did you say you feel like going home? Missing the world cup semi-final to do a silly report your boss asked you to? Or want to have a couple of frosty beers while binge-watching Netflix with your leg up on the couch?

Yeah, we can perfectly understand your situation!!

Probably you reading this blog on your phone in your office while whiling away your time?

Wait! What if we share a little secret? Why not have the most entertaining time, while at your desk?

In this cute stress relief guide, we have compiled and curated the most exciting ways for you to have fun all while being at your desk!


Laughter is the Cure.

Banish the boredom by doing some fun things. Amuse yourself by just giggling and laughing to your mirror image.

Or better still, walk up to the washroom and make faces at yourself. Apart from releasing the tension of your face and head, this wacky act will make you feel like a child again. Wildly alive!!


Watch the Y Classics

Hey, have you not heard of the Y Classics?

We mean like umm?

Hah! Got you!

Y Classics are the wacky and tummy breaking funny videos on YouTube.

If you start binge-watching one, it is feared that you may never stop until your boss catches you.

But seriously, see how creative other people are and smile!


Play On with the Desktop Punch Bag

Conquer your malaise by playing the wild games. Escape into another world by getting this super awesome toy installed on your desk!

Say bye to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and all the work days! Say yes to fun at work!

 It’s remarkable suction pad, allows you to stick it on to your desk in under a minute and start punching away. You don’t have even to get up to knock it!

Be free and release all the pent-up frustration inside you by banging away on the punching bag.

Go ahead. We are watching your wicked smile when you think of your not-so-cool boss and punch away to glory!


Press the Giant Enter Button

Here’s another one of those punchers and pushers!

Remember that silly keyboard you have which you spend an eternity on. Go ahead and smash its big black ‘Enter’ button. Smash it. Hah, not your office desktop’s keyboard.

We were referring to the coolest toy for releasing your stress and pass the day-‘Enter’.

Set it up in a minute by plugging the USB in your desktop, press the button, and voila, there you have it!

Tap away and pass your day!


Pop the Pimple 

Lets’ get the Pimple Popper On!

Utterly gross and downright silly, but a whole lot of fun!!

Embrace your childhood with this fab toy called Pimple Popper.

You will certainly love to pimp away the refillable pimple simulator.  It even has fake pimple juice flowing from it. Doesn’t it make for a great ‘fake’ gift for the great Mr Trump!!

Hey, we are serious, no fake news here 😊


Stress Sausage

Free yourself from all the work’s pressures and the to-do-lists now with this instant solution.

Put your hands together for the ‘Stress Sausage’!


Haha, a fresh fat sausage is a new toy in town promising to get rid of all your life’s pressures.

Just squeeze it tightly. Sausage lovers are welcome to tug it or even press it!

To each his own.

Create your own style of play with this excellent toy which you can even push into the drawer if your boss comes for a short walk to your cubicle!


Stress-Less Squishy

This fabulous little squishy toy has a name too. Stress Less Squishy, absolutely cute isn’t it!
Don’t worry, your toy and your fun act will not be visible to anyone. Its unusual small size means you can squeeze away even when it's inside the palm.

Play with it under your table and squeeze away your boredom.


Creepy Stress Face

Creepy and Stress-Free – a powerful combination to banish boredom.

Squidgy, small, squeezy, pumpy, ok those are not real words as we are making it all up!!

Yaay! This one is super fun and cute and even makes faces at you!
Keep one for yourself and give one to your boyfriend and have the most fabulous WhatsApp video call. Pretend you are creepy and he is squishy and keep squishing ‘each other’!


Painting by numbers - become a master painter!

This hack is more real world and useful. Simple and normal people would probably love to paint and should pick this piece to paint away when they don’t feel like working!

Make beautiful paintings with this set which has paints included.

Nothing to squeeze or squish here!


What’s Your Squeezy

Maybe you love your work, but not your boss. Perhaps you don’t like the horrid office or its air conditioning.

Or perhaps you want to hang out with your boyfriend and get away from work.

Trying out the above hacks are guaranteed to make you giggle, laugh and take your mind away from the dull world of work.

Don’t take our word for it. 

Why not give a good squeeze to the Stress-free Sausage and see for yourself!

We are waiting for your comments!!



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