8 Top Office Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

July 10, 2018 4 min read

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Most of us spend about 8 hours at work every day. That means a third of our time during the week is spent at the office sitting in front of a computer. That’s a significant chunk of time, so it's important that we think carefully about our work environment and routine. 

Preparations don't have to be strictly business either. Some of these items are just fun ways to liven up hours spent in the office. So here it is... a list of 8 top office gadgets you never knew you needed at your desk right now.

  1.  A Quick Draw Make-Up Kit

    Sometimes it becomes necessary to pull an all-nighter at work. That doesn’t mean you have to smell or look as though you haven't slept in a week. Keep a bag of personal hygiene items like a deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, facial wash, tissues, and a hand sanitizer to ensure you always look and smell fresh even if you didn’t get time to shower. If you wear contact lenses, remember to also keep eye drops and eye solutions with you so your eyes don't get irritated from your lenses drying out.

    It ’s also a good idea to keep first aid supplies like different sized plasters/bandages, antiseptic cream, antihistamine tablets, cough medicine, lozenges, nose drops, vitamins, and painkillers in case of an emergency.

    Keep all your things in thisMagic Wrap bag that lets you find what you need without having to dig through your stuff and also makes it easier for you to put everything away in one quick and simple move.


    Everybody knows how important it is to stay hydrated, but we usually forget to do this because we’re too preoccupied with work or we’re afraid a trip to the water cooler might just put us at risk of being pulled into the latest office gossip. But keeping ourselves hydrated is absolutely necessary to get the best performance from our brain.

    Sometimes, however, having a mug or a bottle of water (or any drink) on your desk can be dangerous especially when you have a lot of important papers lying around. So it’s probably a good idea to put a separate/designated area for your water bottle/mug/tumbler. Use thisAnywhere Beverage Holder to make sure you have your water within reach but away from your important documents.


    Sometimes having some background music to keep you company while you work can be very effective in blocking out distractions and keeping your momentum going. But remember that what works for you might turn out to be a distraction for others (or your personal taste in music doesn’t necessarily reflect their own), so having a headset on hand is a great win-win solution. You can also use it to maybe watch that video that’s been going viral and everyone’s been talking about during your lunch hour without drawing too much attention.


    How many times has it happened to you that by the time you get off from work your phone’s only got a few bars left on its battery--or worse, it already died on you-- and you need to make an important phone call or check something online real quick? Yeah way too many times we suppose. So why not keep a spare battery or phone charger on your desk to make sure this never happens again. Besides, it’s always a good idea to keep your phone on in case an actual emergency comes up.


    Stress is an unavoidable part of work. At some point, the pressures at work can get to be too much and everybody needs to let off steam sometimes. Enter theDesktop Punch Bag andGiant Enter Button which you can use to let out all your frustrations until you can feel calm enough to think of a better solution or workaround to the problem.

    This also helps you avoid taking out your anger/frustration on your office equipment like the Enter, Space, Exit and Delete buttons that have suffered silently all these years while you express your frustration with Sally from Accounting or Janis from HR.  

    Alternatively, if you’d rather squeeze the emotions out (or you feel you’re on the verge of wringing someone’s neck), you can also use theStress Sausage or theCreepy Stress Face--which, by the way, has a slightly creepy but nevertheless funny look when it’s squeezed.


    In a busy work environment where you sometimes barely have time to grab a coffee, theself-stirring mug is a fun piece of luxury to have. Because really, isn’t it just so cool when your drink stirs itself while you talk to your colleagues about your brilliant solutions or wow your boss with your amazing proposal? Yeah, we thought so too.


    Don’t you just hate it when you come out of the office building and you find out it’s raining so hard and you just know you’re going to ruin your favorite pair of shoes? It’s the worst.

    So why not keep a pair or two of theseshoe protectors under your desk for times like these? This is especially great to have around when you’re headed to a meeting or an after-work party or date and don’t want to arrive there with your shoes making that funny squishing sound from the rainwater that’s seeped inside.


    According toEntrepreneur magazine, your office keyboard actually has 70% more germs than the average toilet seat (ew.. gross). This is according to a study conducted by UK-based firm Master Cleaners Ltd. Another study even found mold growing underneath some of the keyboards they swabbed. (double yuck). But these disgusting facts highlight the need for keeping your work desk spic and span as well as making sure you periodically clean your keyboards using theStay Clean Putty to avoid the spread of germs and diseases.

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