6 Time Saving Kitchen Hacks for a Self-Confessed Cook

August 09, 2018 3 min read

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Are you a self-confessed cook who loves cooking but not the huge time that it takes? Whether you are an amateur or an expert cook, there is one truth, a cook always wants to save on time. 

Most of the good cooks are aware that the cooking technique is essential to come up with a great tasting dish, not the amount of time it takes to cook.

To get dinner served on the table every day is not easy with many things involved. Planning the menu, shopping for the ingredients, the actual cooking process, followed by cleaning up.

As a result, we have crafted a list of super cool and useful kitchen gadgets which do their job well and help save you a lot of time. Say hello to spending more time doing the things you love.

Electric Wine Decanter

Did you know that almost 80% taste of any dish or beverage is stimulated by its smell? This is the primary reason why you need the wine decanter to savour your wine completely.

All you require to do is to position the electric wine decanter to the wine bottle. Once that is done, just pick up a glass and decant the wine.

The wine decanter works fabulously by drawing the oxygen into the wine and opens up its true flavours for you to enjoy.

No Stress Bottle Opener

Struggling to open bottles?

Now, whether you need to open one bottle or a dozen, the No-Stress Bottle opener works like a charm to open all the bottles in a flash.

Save time and effort in opening bottles of different makes like a pro. Your friends will be amazed at your professional skills, and you will become the life of every party.

Click N Spread

Welcome to the Click N Spread! This awesome gadget is an expert in taking the perfect shape of butter and putting it onto whichever dish you want to.

If you wish to flavour your garlic bread or butter up your toast, put just the right amount of butter with the Click N Spread.

Load up the butter into the gadget and turn it to hear a loud click. With the click, the butter comes out.  It is an excellent gadget to have for your home or give out as a gift to your friend and help them to use butter in a clean and mess-free manner.

This gadget is dishwasher safe as well.

Magic Defrosting Plate

Defrosting frozen food can be irritating. Sometimes defrosting food items may even take hours. Majority of the people use the frozen food in the open to allow it to thaw.

Save your time and effort by using the magic defrosting plate to thaw the food quickly.

Without using any chemicals, electricity and microwave, the magic defrosting plate absorbs the natural air and its warmth into the superconducting tray. This action starts warming the food placed on the defrosting plate.

Avoid any nicks and cuts by using the rubber corners which come with the package. You can even choose from the two sizes below- large and medium.

Large: 29.5CMx20.8CMx0.3CM

Medium: 23CMx16.5CMx0.3CM

Potato Peeling Gloves

Yeah! You read it right! The magical potato peeling gloves are here.

Make cooking fun and quick with the fantastic Potato Peeling Gloves. Formulated with PVC, peeling potatoes is super easy even for a novice who may have never done it before.

Just slip these gloves in your hands and pick up a potato and rub off the potato skin in mere minutes. Each order comes with a pair of the potato peeling gloves which is super useful and convenient.

Sushi Bazooka

Become a sushi master with this remarkable Sushi Bazooka! Roll out hundreds of handmade sushi rolls with this super helpful gadget.

In minutes you can create so many yummy tasting sushi rolls with this powerful gadget. Just whip up the sushi ingredients and combine them as per your recipe. At the time of making rolls, get this powerful Sushi Bazooka and roll away!

Place the sushi, rice and the ingredients on its cannon base. Once the plunger starts, it churns our perfect sushi rolls for you to relish.

Make Your Choice

Why can’t we spend more time enjoying the fruits of our labor rather than bend over the stovetop for hours? The same routine follows the next day, and the process is repeated every day.

You could be the master of your kitchen or just starting the culinary journey; these kitchen gadgets will help you spend lesser time in the kitchen and speed up the cooking process.




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