7 Crazy Gift Ideas to Make Your BFF Happy

August 05, 2018

make it rain gun

Enough of the ordinary. Stop that silly idea of giving your best friend a gift card. Or maybe a t-shirt, a pair of shoes or a watch or even a book!

Quit being the same boring and nice person; you are not of that type. Be the cool and innovative person you are and show it to the world.

Everyone in the world will think of giving the simple and standard gifts to their friends.

Here, we have lined up 7 of the craziest gift ideas which will make your friend laugh out loud and make your gift stand out from the array of gifts your friend would probably get on their birthday!


Hydrophobic Notepad

One smart scientist found that more than 72% people found enlightenment and their most innovative ideas while taking a bath.

Once the innovative ideas start coming to your mind, it is essential to capture them as quickly as possible so that they don’t slip away from your memory.

The Hydrophobic Notepad can come to your rescue here.

Get this fascinating and waterproof notepad which makes water glide on itself and ensures that not a single page gets wet.

Write your notes and quit worrying right now.

With the Hydrophobic Notepad, get your intelligence back on track.

Cycling Balls

When there is light, there is power.

Get the Cycling Balls everyone is raving about.

Not just any cycling balls, these are the ultimate in safety. While riding your bike, these are absolute must-haves and make you stand out.

They have an in-built light inside which glows at night allowing the commuters behind you to see you and your bike clearly.

Swing it with the fantastic balls and display away to glory!

Belly Bum Bag

Beach bum, you need this awesome Belly Bum Bag today!

Your visit to the beach is incomplete without the fascinating printed belly bum bags!

Choose from a wide array of different designs in the bag like round belly, dark belly, hairy belly, flabby belly and pale belly. The belly bum bag makes for the perfect gifts for boys and dads in the world.


Nose Soap Dispenser

Do you love your nose and everything inside it?

Gross question, but an amazingly funny one! If you like picking your nose and clearing it out regularly, you will love this product.

Fancy turning your nose into a soap dispenser! Squeeze all you want to use this nose soap dispenser every day and have fun.

All you need to do is to stick the suction pads in the bathroom, fill up the dispenser with soap and squeeze away.

Remote Control Cockroach

Are you a prankster wanting to get back into play mode? The Remote Control Cockroach is the ultimate in playing pranks. Just place the roach on the floor and press on the infrared which makes the roach run around on the floor.

Use the remote-control receiver to regulate the cockroach. This gift is so ridiculously funny that you may end up getting a pair for yourself too.

Canopy Cap

Free your hands with the amazing Canopy Cap.

Forget the regular umbrellas and stay stylish with the Canopy Cap. Like a canopy catches rain in the forest, the Canopy Cap catches rain, hail, snow and does not allow it to fall on you.

The convenient head brace and chip straps make the Canopy Cap stronger and sturdier. Designed in a stylish turquoise color, its free size will fit the majority of people.


Make it Rain Gun

Go ahead and bath in cash! No, that was not a typo.  Reminisce about the kings and queens and be covered in luxury.

Get your hands on this Make it Rain Gun which actually shoots cash notes!

Unleash the child in you by getting this brilliant gun today which shoots fake cash notes. Look no further as fake money is included.


Make Your Choice

Go ahead and pick from one of the many crazy and madcap gift ideas and give the gift of laughter to your friend.  Enough of the stress in life. Give them the priceless and invaluable gift of laughter and banish the stress from their life.


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