6 Wild and Wacky Labor Day Gifts for your Friends

September 04, 2018 3 min read

make it rain gun

Wild and Wacky Ideas are the norm in life today. Life can be routine and boring at times. Why not pump it up by getting few of the most innovative and pocket-friendly gifting options for the upcoming Labor Day of 2018.

Hydrophobic Notepad

Well, no need to become the next Archimedes if you have the hydrophobic notepad!

For all the ideas you get when you are freshening up in the washroom, the Hydrophobic notepad allows you to capture it all without the need to leave the restroom. Save your paper and writing pens from getting wet once you get the Hydrophobic notepad.

Did you know that as per a study, more than 72% people found enlightenment when they were taking a bath?

Capture your thinking gems as soon as they occur and save them on your personal waterproof notepad. This fascinating notepad also makes for a useful gift for everyone.

Cycling Balls

Cycling balls are not just any balls. These remarkable balls are filled with light which helps nearby vehicles see you on the road when you are cycling. Power up with these cycling balls, which are your ultimate safety device.

It is a thoughtful gift for any of your friends who are avid bikers. It would be a hilarious gift for them and a pretty useful one too! Its inbuilt light is excellent for allowing nearby commuters to see you and your bike and manoeuvre their vehicle accordingly.

Swing on with the fascinating cycling balls and light up your bike!

Belly Bum Bag

Belly bum bag is your go-to bag for storing all your stuff and be a style accessory at the same time. It carefully stores all your beach essentials and is designed in different types like a hairy belly, dark belly, flabby belly and pale belly.

It is the perfect gift for the man in your life.

Remote Control Cockroach

All pranksters ahoy! If you love playing pranks on others, you do need to get this playful remote-control cockroach in your repertoire of tricks. You just need to place the roach on the floor, and the infrared technology makes it run amok on the floor.

You can simply use the remote-control receiver to manage the cockroach and its movement! Make it hilarious and scary for all the people you want to play this prank on!


Canopy Cap

Look cool and smashing in the rain with the crazy Canopy Cap. In the rains, just have this cool accessory with yourself when you leave home and be rain free!  The awesome canopy cap catches the rain, snow, hail and keeps you safe from these weather elements.

Get rid of your regular umbrellas and look cool with the fashionable Canopy Cap. Similar to the way a canopy manages to catch rain in the forest, the Canopy Cap does not allow any of the captured elements to fall on you.

Durable and stylish, the Canopy Cap comes with an adjustable head brace with straps which can be worn by the majority of the people. It comes in a refreshing turquoise color which is sure to turn heads when you wear it.

Make it Rain Gun

Have you ever wished to be covered in cash? For many, this may be the wildest dream they ever had, for others, this can be a happy reality. The Make it Rain gun makes it all possible!

Bathing in cash or swimming in a pool of cash notes of multiple denominations, all is within your power and reach once you get your own make it rain gun. It even comes with its very own fake cash notes.

King or Queen, make your choice and make your dreams a reality!

Make Your Choice

Chocolates and stuff toys are passé and its time to move on to something more useful and wackier! Get set to read on to see the wild gifting ideas which are just right to make your and your friend’s life super cool and hilarious!




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