6 Ways to Make Your Daily Life Fun

September 04, 2018 3 min read

man riding a bike with cycling balls attached

Sometimes life can be boring. Following the same routine every day can make life feel bland. Why not make it spicy and exciting by injecting some fun into your life?

We have curated a snazzy bunch of products which can make your daily life a whole lotta fun.

Wine Buddy

Get your drinking buddy with you wherever you go.  Got a call and you would like to attend it on the porch? Go right ahead and chat with your friend while your wine buddy holds your drink for you.

Love forever, that’s what happens once you start using your wine buddy. It allows your wine to be with you any time of the day or night. Be hands-free and let your drink be comfortable with your wine buddy!

Made for all those times when you want to keep your hands free for other things like eating popcorn while watching Netflix, attending calls on your smartphone and opening the home door if the bell rings. It can be a cool travel essential too so do pack it up for your next trip.

Blow Up Bar

The Blow-Up Bar is a real must-have for your home! Use it for storing your drinks or use it when you have a party at your house. This floating bar looks super cool while it chills your beverages!

For all those impromptu parties, just ask your friends to crash at your place.  Be cool in the knowledge that the Blow-up Bar will take care of the drinks. Be the king of good times and make any place a party zone when you have the Blow-Up Bar by your side.

Hydrophobic Notepad

Capture each of your smart ideas right when you have them with your innovative Hydrophobic notepad. Remember Archimedes, who ran away from his bath because he had an excellent new idea which he wanted to share with the world, never mind that he was totally in the buff!

Well, you can get the Hydrophobic Notepad and never have to be an Archimedes again!

Keep this notepad with you all the times and use it to scribble down your ideas, whenever they strike you. Water glides on its pages, and it can never get wet.

Cycling Balls

Hilarious is the word completely missing from our lives today. Get loads of laughter and fun back into your life with the Cycling balls.

Just hang them on the back of your cycle and go for a merry ride. What’s more? They have in-built lights in the balls which help the vehicles behind clearly see you and your bicycle.

Keep it swinging!

Nose Soap Dispenser

Hilariousness continues with the amazing nose soap dispenser! Get it for yourself or a friend.

Anyone who likes to pick their nose will be ardent lovers of this soap dispenser. It even comes with easy to place suction pads, which can be easily stuck in places inside the bathroom. Fill up the dispenser, and you are good to go.

Grossly funny, this dispenser is shaped like a nose, and when you press the nose, the liquid hand soap trickles out. Yeah, you read that right, the soap trickles out not the what you were expecting to come out of the nose. 

Keep squeezing your nose dispenser and have fun all day!

Remote Control Cockroach

Why not make life funny and exciting by playing pranks on people? Remember the times you used to throw rubber snakes or lizards and make people scream in fear?

Take it to the next level with the remote-controlled toys now. Play on with the Remote Control Cockroach and make your toy three dimensional. Play pranks from a distance by placing your roach on the floor and pressing on the infrared button. The roach then runs around on the floor in all directions.  Get ready to scare!

Make it Rain Gun

Go wild and bath in currency notes! Yeah, you can actually do that with the Make it Rain Gun.

Become the king or queen of a bygone era and be covered in luxury. This Make it Rain gun makes it super easy and fun to shoot currency notes on anyone. Play solo by shooting it in your own direction! The cash notes are part of the package.

Play on and unleash your inner child with this make it rain gun.

Make Your Choice

Are you in a fix, deciding which product to get? Why not quit the dilemma by getting all of them and make your life super fun and exciting!!

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