6 Unique Labor Day Party Gift Ideas

September 04, 2018 3 min read

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Labor Day is the perfect day to honor the achievements of American Workers and appreciate your friends, Show your love and care on Labor Day. When you start searching for the right gift ideas, the available choices can be quite perplexing.

We know that you may be wondering on how to get your hands on the unique gifting ideas, so we came up with a list of the most innovative products we were able to scour.

Tidy Tuck

The Tidy Tuck is your perfect tool for looking good! Groom yourself in a jiffy with this nifty tool which helps you to tuck in your shirt! Remember all the days you fought with your shirt to try and keep it in place, with the Tidy Tuck, all that becomes easy peasy!

Stop asking for the help of anyone else as the Tidy Tuck is your very own grooming man. If you have a couple of shirts which absolutely refuse to be tucked in, the Tidy Tuck can be your savior!

Forget the days of the muffin top and enjoy your new style!


Shoe Protectors

Protect your lovely shoes from the bad rain with the funky Shoe Protectors.

A simple gadget which saves your walkies, it can quickly become your go-to product for all those wet and wild days. They are typically two sizes bigger and fit nicely over your shoes.

They are your own shoe handyman which keep your shoes sparkling clean and banish dirt, dust or water from touching your shoes.

Monsoon, Autumn or Spring, nothing can tarnish your spanking shoes! Made from plastic, they will keep you looking chic and stylish always!

Closet Helper

Gift this closet helper and watch your friends get more time in their lives.

Help them to save precious time by keeping all their important documents and papers in one place. Credit card statements, chequing account statements, bills, receipts, school documents, all can smoothly go into the different sections of the closet helper.

Allow the closet helper to take space in your closet and watch as it helps you regain your time and life.  Quit searching for papers ever again and use the extra time saved to do the things you love. Stop going crazy and simplify things by segregating your documents and stacking it properly into the closet helper. Make use of its many sections to orderly place all your stuff.

Bathroom Organizer

Bathroom being one of the most important rooms in the house, definitely should get the pride it deserves. If you have an organizer for all your rooms, why leaving your bathroom alone.

Even though it may be small, but the bathroom has so many different things which can be kept in a far better manner. Having the bathroom organizer by your side can be a time saver in many ways.

So, what exactly is this organizer? Manufactured from plastic, this organizer has nicely segregated sections to allow you to store all your daily essentials. Save the time daily by not looking for the things you need.

It comes with a smart suction pad, which can be easily stuck onto your bathroom mirror or the wooden cabinets.

Umbrella Jacket

Have you ever been stuck in the middle of pouring rain without an umbrella by your side and your phone ringing loudly with an urgent call? What will you possibly do in such a situation where you absolutely need to pick the call but stuck as you are soaking wet to boot?

The Umbrella Jacket comes to your rescue as it promises to keep your water and hands-free! Well, you can wear this jacket instead of holding it like a typical umbrella that allows you to use your hands for more critical tasks.

Chat with your friends in the pouring rain and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

Take Your Pick

Take your pick from the incredible array of gifting ideas listed above. Go ahead and delight your buddies without breaking your wallet in the process!



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