6 Fabulous Time Saving Kitchen Hacks

September 04, 2018

man with beer foaming mug

Now that finally, you have moved out of your parents’ house, don’t you think you should set up a personal kitchen with time-saving hacks?

With going to college, hanging out with friends’ and making your own meals, time really scrunches up. To finish things off in less time in an efficient and fun manner, why not check out the latest hacks available.

We have put together the most fantastic list of kitchen gadgets which is guaranteed to blow you away by their efficiency and usefulness.


Stir Free

Introducing the Stir free. Just like its cute and small name, this is a brilliant device which nicely stirs everything you want it to! All you need to do is to switch it on and pop it into whatever you want to stir.

Stir free does its job wherever you want it to, be it soup, eggs, purees and even cake batter! With 3 different speeds, you can efficiently use the device at the speed you want. Press the button and change the speed at your will.

The Stir free is designed with a combination of stainless steel and food-grade ABS plastic. Since it has protective rubber on it, it can be safely used with non-stick cookware.

To run the device optimally, you need 4 x AA batteries, which can power up the Stir free for up to 4 hours.

The detachable legs can be put into the dishwasher while washing the battery pack part by hand. Its dimensions are 19 x 4 cm, which makes it just right for your kitchen countertop!


Super Strong Sticky Gel Pads

Are you on the lookout for super strong sticker with adhesive which can be used to stick relatively heavier things on the wall or the washroom mirror? Get these Super Strong Sticky Gel Pads today and stick away anything you want in the best manner.

With each order, you get both of the awesome super strong sticky shapes which are multipurpose and can be used to stick many things from plastic to china and paper.

Try it out to hang anything and be impressed with its stickiness! Do note though that the stickiness decreases with more usage!

Beer Foaming Mug

Welcome to your best drinking buddy, the beer foaming mug!

Get your personalized beer foamer! Just press a button, add the perfect froth to your beer and enjoy it in your own style!

Explore the newer and more authentic flavors in your beer with this beer foamer and enjoy the frothy aroma. Did you know that more than 80% of a beverage flavor is powered by its smell?

Release more carbon dioxide into the drink with this specialized beer foamer which releases its aroma all around and not only when it is ingested. 

In fact, this process helps to reduce the bloat and the fullness associated with beer! The Beer foamer is designed from food grade plastic which is really convenient to wash with soap.


Adjustable Spice Rack

Less space, more space, high space or low space, this adjustable spice rack is your best bet for storing all your special spices.

When you use this convenient spice rack, you don’t really need to measure how much space you have. This adjustable version easily fits into any cupboard as it can be compressed or expanded!

Not a fan of spices or don’t need this rack for your storing kitchen ingredients? Why not use it to store your nail polishes perfectly and fit it into any small nook and cranny. Storage has never been this easy!


Too much to carry is a sad truth for everyone. Ever wished if you could have had more hands to do everything at once? Turn this saying on its head by using the Multi-Cup.

With the Multi-cup, you do have so many hands! Use this smart Multi-cup to hold your drink and go on with your day. It comfortably holds all your hot or cold drinks and saves you from any danger of spillage.


Electric Wine Decanter

Let’s welcome all wine lovers! This electric wine decanter is a must-have if you adore your wine for its flavor and smoothness. Its electric nature makes it an absolute breeze to use!

Enjoy your wine to the fullest extent, by releasing the oxygen and bursting open the real flavors of your wine! Decanting has never been so easy as you need to pop this decanter into the top of your wine bottle to get started.

Get this electric wine decanter home today and drink away to glory!

Make Your Choice

With so many fantastic kitchen hacks, which one are you going to pick and get the glorious gift of time for yourself?

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