6 Fabulous and Fun Ways to be Stress-Free

August 09, 2018 4 min read

stress free sausage

Are you looking for some hacks to help you be and remain stress-free? Well, stress is a part of life today.

In fact, some stress is essential for us to function well. But when it increases, and we spend our days worrying about stuff, it does more harm than good. Whew! Enough of the serious stuff!

We are not going to say meditation, deep breathing, journaling or anything like that. Those are proven techniques for reducing stress and have been around for years. They work very well and are great for the people who like them.

Still, there is certainly a section of people who don’t identify with these techniques or simply find it cumbersome to practice on a daily basis. Some even call it boring. Keeping that in mind, we came up with one simple strategy to fight stress for good.

We looked around for ways to fight stress and have fun at the same time. In one word-this technique is called Laughter! The Laughing strategy can use many devices but the end result is the same, and that is stress busting laughter.

Come on man!

Doesn’t laughing on something entirely change your perspective?

Don’t you feel great laughing at something till you realise that you were laughing so hard that you almost ended up crying?

So, let’s reduce our stress hormones with laughter and look at some unique devices which can make it happen.


Desktop Punching Bag

Punch away to glory! This super fun desktop punching bag is a cool game which can be played solo or even with a buddy.  It banishes stress to the extreme corner of the earth when you pound the punching bag and release your stress.

It’s not a regular punching bag, but the one you can install on your desk, table or any other flat surface. It comes with a suction pad on the bottom, which can be mounted on any flat surface.

Press it tightly, and it will get stuck to its position. Start punching and see the stress from your body and joints slowly melt away.

Go ahead and release all your stress, frustrations and anger.  10 minutes a day of being stress-free!

Giant Enter Button

The Giant Enter Button is one of the newest and most unique fun toys on the block.

You can push and punch the Enter button. Hey, that’s not your computer keyboard ‘Enter button’, this one is the toy version.

Press the Enter button and have fun during the day. You can easily set it up by plugging the USB into your desktop or laptop, and it's all ready to play.

Tap away and enjoy your day and say goodbye to stress!


Pimple Popper

With such a funny name, the Pimple Popper sure is a whole lotta fun.

Well, you are actually popping the pimples though, but on a toy and not on the face!

This super silly game can remind you of your childhood and teenage years and banish the stress in less than a minute. It comes with the refillable pimple simulator which has pimple juice flowing out of it once you press it.

Pop away and kick the stress out of your life!


Stress Sausage

Stress Sausage is the instant way of recharging yourself.

Use it on the subway while travelling to work or at home after dinner and this stress sausage will melt away your stress. Wait, we were not telling you to eat it but to press it tightly with your hands.

This toy sausage promises to make the pressing and pushing fun. Free yourself, play away and become stress-free.

All sausage lovers aboard can press, tug and squeeze to their heart’s content!

Stress-Less Squishy

Use this cute squishy squashy toy to release your tensions. Welcome the Stress Less Squishy which will make your days fun and happy. You will have no care in the world once you start playing with the adorable little stress less squishy.

Damn cute and small in size; you can easily put it in your pocket or purse and use it on the go. In the train, bus, subway, walking, running, jogging, this stress-less squishy will make sure that you have more fun and less stress.


Creepy Stress Face

Say hi to the Creepy Stress Face.

This fabulous little toy is a great cure to banish boredom. It resembles someone,s face, and you can see it changes the looks as you press it from various angles.

Super cool to play solo or while hanging out with a bunch of friends. Make faces at each other and have fun while purging stress out of the window!


Make Your Choice

Welcome fun and laughter into your life and kick stress and tensions out of the window. The curated list of our fun hacksguarantees to make your days full of laughter. Get them today and see the magic happen!


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