5 Wacky & Wild Accessories for Your Animal Themed Party

August 05, 2018 3 min read

chicken legs socks- Bluecrate UK

Are you having an animal themed party at your place? To make the party hip and happening, adorn all the invitees with animal-themed paraphernalia.

Why keep it simple when you can make it jazzy? Boost the wild and wacky nature of your party several notches higher by asking everyone to come dressed as a favourite animal of their choice.

Once they drop into your place, get them to pick one of the animal-themed accessories on display.

Are you wondering how you can arrange for the wild animal themed gifts and from where you can grab them? Relax! Just read the nifty little guide we have put together for you to get the perfect accessories for your upcoming animal themed house party!

Exotic Animal Ears

Welcome to the Animal Kingdom!

With Exotic Animal Ears headbands, you can become a version of an exotic animal yourself!

Choose from the wide array of designs like deer, tiger and giraffe. With one unisex size formulated to fit the majority of the people, you don’t have to worry about picking different sizes for different people.

These headbands are cool and comfy at the same time as they are formulated from soft material. Do remember to take them off once your party is over though! The animal ears are so comfy that you may even end up sleeping while wearing them!


Animal Paw Socks 

Grab your animal paw socks today.

Offer it to your guests at the party and dare them to wear these socks to adorn their legs. Play on for your wild instinct and feel the excitement bubbling over.

Whatever animal costume they are wearing, this one size fits all animal paw socks are bound to fit in well. Jazz up your costumes with this funky and wacky animal paw socks.

They are a great gift for your animal lover friend. You can even get a pair for yourself if you are not able to resist yourself.

These socks are unisex and will comfortably fit people up to a size eleven.

Soft and comfy, they are manufactured from soft polyester which has been intermixed with stretch fabric as well.

Use your precious time to do other stuff as these socks can be conveniently washed in the washing machine.


Chicken Legs Socks


This one is an absolute stunner. Bring on your funny and boozy nature with these Chicken Legs Socks.

We will not be amazed if you end up snagging them in place of the friend, you got them for. All we will say is why to go solo! Why not get two pairs to keep you and your friend happy and content with each of you having your own personal pair of ‘chicken legs’.

They are great for anyone who is a chicken fan. What about the ones who are not chicken fans, will they like the chicken legs socks?

Just wear them once and become a lifelong fan. All kinds of legs look good with the chicken legs socks.

You can wear them to school, college while hanging out with your bunch of friends and even on a wild date! Why not get one for your girlfriend too? Then you both can wear it together and match away!!

One size fits all :)

Animal Paw Hands

Complete your jazzy and wacky party costume with these super cool Animal Paw Hands! It fits the majority of the people and is available in one unisex size.

Exhibit your wild nature and stun the onlookers by putting on the super soft and marvellous Animal Paw Hands.

Formulated from stretch fabric combined with polyester fabric, these paw hands are smooth and soft.  You may pick up a fight on your hands with two or more friends wanting to pick them up.

Make it easier for them by getting all the three kinds available – coffee, cream and grey.

Wear them with your gang of friends and rock the night away! 

Make Your Choice

With so many beautiful and stunning animal accessories, we are sure that you may end up liking one or more for your party.

Get them today and party away!




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