5 Unique Halloween Gift Ideas

September 04, 2018 3 min read

banki face

Though Halloween may be two months away, it is never too early to talk about it. Preparing for Halloween can occupy the best times of our lives which may even span two-three months. 

Get your Halloween gift ideas from the cute and unique gifts we found in the market.

Chicken Legs Socks

Be a quacking chicken on this Halloween! Stand apart from all the other wacky costumes in the annual Halloween costume party and the parade when you have your chicken legs socks on.

Accessorize yourself with these chicken legs socks and be an absolute stunner. Whether or not you are a chicken fan, these socks will give your costume an instant boost. Increase your style quotient with these socks which are unisex to boot! With a one size fits all pair of socks, they will certainly occupy the pride of place in your closet.

Make your legs look deliciously good with these adorable socks!

Animal Paw Hands

This Halloween, the animal paw hands are the perfect final touch for your wacky costume. The animal paw hands are available in a unisex size and are great for pairing up with your chicken leg socks.

Super soft and comfy, they are manufactured from polyester stretch fabric. Take your choice from three different colors available from grey, coffee and cream.

Make them a staple part of your Halloween costume and rock the night away!

Stay Clean Putty

The Stay clean putty is one of the most useful things on the planet. Well, that’s actually not an exaggeration which you will see once you manage to get your hands on this wonderful little cleaning tool.

It is an excellent tool for all those hard to reach areas which have an uneven surface. Think of all the places where a simple dust cloth or a brush will not do the job; the stay clean putty will get your job done.

When you think of uneven surfaces, what household items do you visualise? Well, my laptop’s keyboard and my bed’s headboard are a few things which came to my mind.

The next time you look for that tissue or a soft cloth to clean the laptop keyboard, grab the stay clean putty and squish away.

All your devices and gadgets can be easily cleaned with the squashy stay clean putty. It may just make cleaning your next passion! Squish and squash all the dust and dirt away.

Banki Face

Cute and helpful, the Banki face is a perfect gift for both children and adults alike. Save money in a fun way when you have the Banki face.

Its open and human-shaped mouth for dropping pennies and dollars makes it hilariously fun to save money! It's almost like feeding him money, and he gobbles it all! 

You almost want to pour more money into his funny and wild face which prompts you to save more money.

Well, who said a penny saved is a penny earned is not true. With the Banki Face, you sure will have a ton of pennies saved.

Deluxe World Scratch Map

Travel across the world with this awesome deluxe world scratch map! Cross out the places you visit on the scratch map which is made from foil.

The world scratch map is one of the must-haves travel essential if you love backpacking and hitchhiking across countries.  Tick the country you have visited directly on the scratch map and stay on the course of your next country of visit.

Visualizing your travel route is the best motivator you can ever have! Get one for yourself and your travel buddy today!

Take your pick from the two options available which are small and large. Explore the world with your own world scratch map!

Make Your Choice

From kids to adults, everyone needs a gift for themselves and others on this spooky holiday. Get on and snag your Halloween gift early with the curated list of products we have lined up for you!


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