5 Super Useful Hacks for the New Age Millennial

August 09, 2018 3 min read

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Millennials are not like any other generation before them. Besides being information rich, they are also time-starved.

In this era where everything is readily available, there is one thing which is lacking and that is time. Having more time and convenience is attractive and in demand amongst millennials.

Why not?

Convenience is the need of the hour. In order to get more time and convenience, we scoured many products and came up with a curated bunch.

Here we have rounded up a bunch of fascinating new-age gadgets which are changing the landscape of retail. Get convenience and plenty of time when you use any of these, time-saving and immensely useful gadgets.

Umbrella Jacket

You are in the middle of the rain without an umbrella, and get a super important call on your smartphone. Has this ever happened to you?

Introducing the Umbrella Jacket. An innovative product, this Umbrella Jacket keeps you rain and hands-free. The ultimate in protecting you from the weather elements and leaving you free to use your phone at the same time! How cool is that! Just slide it over your head and stay safe from the pouring rain and chat away on your smartphone!

Microfiber Robotic Sweeping Ball

Are you exhausted from cleaning up each week? Tired of dusting your house and longing for a break? Well, guess what! The super powerful Microfiber Robotic Sweeping ball does it all for you.

By rolling on the floor, this robotic sweeping ball attracts dirt and dust to itself and cleans up the floors.  Its fluffy microfiber cover holds all the accumulated dirt and dust.

Cleaning it is a breeze. Just remove the fluffy cover, clean it and refit it to the ball.  Make your weekend plans in advance because you will get a whole lot of free time now!!


Stay Clean Putty

So, you spend hours on your laptop, checking your mail, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and what not. On the weekend, when you clean every device and gadget at home, do you remember your laptop?

In fact, the keyboard is something which should be cleaned regularly to make sure that germs and stains are wiped off and don’t affect the working on the laptop in any way.

Welcome the squishy, squashy, Stay Clean Putty. It is one of the quirkiest hacks to keep your house clean and tidy.

Extremely useful for odd, uneven and awkward surfaces, this stay clean putty manages to clean everything up. Just squish and squash it over the surfaces, and it attracts dirt and dust to stick on it, and the surface comes up clean.


Banki Face

For such a cute name, the Banki Face sure is a stunner!

Using the Banki face is the perfect opportunity to start saving money and having fun at the same time.

Keep dropping your pennies and dollars into its funny mouth, and the Banki gobbles it all up. You can get one for yourself or even gift it to one of your friends who is a poor budgeter and not good at saving money.

The Banki Face also makes a great gift for a small child who is on their way to learning to budget and saving money.

Deluxe World Scratch Map

Are you planning to travel across the world? Dreaming of visiting dozens of countries in the world?

Get your partner-in-crime and win big. The Deluxe World Scratch Map let you tick nations as you keep visiting them.

Ticking directly on the map gives you a super high and exudes you to stay on course to visit the next countries on the map. Why not get one for yourself and another for your travel obsessed buddy.

The Deluxe World Scratch Map comes in two different sizes -small and large. Choose your pick and start exploring.

Small - 42CM x 30CM

Large -  82CM x 60CM


Make Your Choice

We hope that you found, our super useful and innovative time-saving hacks useful. Take your pick and move towards a better and more organized life.

Spending less time on chores and using simplified products gives you more time and convenience to do the things you love.

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