5 Types Of Father And The Perfect FATHER'S DAY Present For Their Personality

May 21, 2018

Father's day is fast approaching and it is a date you want to remember - but is can prove difficult as the date changes every year. It falls on the third Sunday of June so this year it is the 17th. 

Fathers are notorious for dad jokes and making us cringe with out-of-date humour... Despite this we still love them and they deserve a fun present on their special day.

Below we outline the 5 types of father and the perfect present for their personality.

Desktop Punching Bag

For the frustrated father with a passion for shouting a sports fixtures - this will surely cool him off.

Mop Slippers

For the father that is a little pedantic about cleanliness. This father loves to give you chores on a Saturday morning when you just want to take a break.

Kitty Lamp

For the father who need an dose of TLC (tender-loving-care). This father gets a little panicky about a lot of things.

Wine Lock

For the father that needs to take a break from certain beverages for a while. He may not like it but you're doing it with good intentions...


Militant BBQ Apron

For the father who takes summer BBQ's a little too seriously. The one who will spend an hour cleaning the grill and won't let you touch a thing!