5 Fun Ideas for Saving Time in the Kitchen

September 04, 2018 3 min read

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With surprise guests trooping in at your home, you can sure use the help of innovative kitchen accessories to save time.

Cut your preparation time in half and get all the cooking done quickly. Spend time chatting up and enjoying the day with your friends and enjoy the day!

Click N Spread

Introducing the world’s best butter shredder.  The Click N Spreadcomes to your rescue whenever you are hard pressed to make your butter smooth and unable to spread it well on your morning toast.

Soft and mushy, the butter shredder makes sure that the smoothness of the butter is just the way you like it! Not too hard and soft, just right enough to nicely go over your toast or croissant.

Get your personal butter shredder today and quit spending minutes and hours on fighting with the butter block to make it spreadable and.

This butter shredder shreds the butter into soft pieces which can be easily used as a topping or mixed with your dishes to increase their flavor. Soup, salad, toast, croissant, pasta or baguettes, what are you having today? Get the butter shredder and reduce your cooking and food preparation time.

Self-Stirring Mug

The self-stirring mug has the world talking about it.

You no longer need a spoon while making your morning coffee. You just need the ingredients and the mug itself.

With the self-stirring mug, you just need to add water, milk, coffee and sugar and relax as the self-stirring mug takes over from there. It does the perfect stirring for you, and you can have your drink at leisure.

If you have multiple times a day, you are saved from a lot of stirring if you get the self-stirring mug. Get one today and save your time for better things.

Potato Peeling Gloves


Peeling is an activity which many people absolutely abhor! Getting frozen French fries is great if you want to have them, but what if you feel like having mashed potatoes, potato wedges or even sliced and baked potatoes?

Well, you will surely need a potato peeler for those times even though you can barely use them. Here’s the secret. Get the super useful potato peeling gloves and make your life easy.

Save hours of your cooking preparation time by using these fantastic gloves exclusively made for peeling potatoes. Just wear these gloves and rub the skin off. You are done with peeling potatoes in mere 2-3 minutes, and then you can size them as you would like it!

Made with PVC, this is a must-have kitchen accessory you need to have today!


How many times would you have wanted to have kebabs but were put off with the hours of preparation needed to make it at home? No quick fix hacks can help when you want to make your favourite kebabs at home, except the brand new Kebabzi!

Yeah, kebab lover! Now you can have that perfect house party with just the right appetizers and kebabs taking center stage. Are you wondering how to get started? Well, that’s easy.

Just place your vegetables and meat of choice in layers on the Kebabzi. You can place them one by one on the Kebabzi and then cut the skewers.  Add into the Kebabzi and wait for its magic!

In minutes, you can have 36 juicy and succulent kebabs from the fantastic Kebabzi which can dish out 36 kebabs at the same time.

The Pantastic Fry-Up

For all the busy mornings, when you rush out with just a takeout coffee as your breakfast, the Pantastic Fry Up seems like a Godsend gift. Do you avoid having breakfast due to the time needed in preparation, cooking and cleaning the dishes?

You probably know that breakfast is the most vital meal of the day giving you enough energy to sustain during the day. Get the Pantastic Fry Up today and reclaim your breakfast and health.

With this one fry up dish, you can cook up to 5 different recipes at the same time. So, say goodbye to using 5 different pans for frying your breakfast sausage, veggies, toast, bacon and omelette. You can do it all at once to save your precious morning time and get your health back on track.

With segregated sections, one food will not brush against the other food items being fried on the fry-up.

You will find cleaning it a breeze as it is formulated with aluminum alloy, which also makes it very lightweight.

Make Your Choice

Excellent range of products, isn’t it? We are sure that it can be a challenge to pick one of the many fantastic products. Why not choose one for each month and make your life simple and easy!


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