5 Fantastic Ways to Reward Yourself

September 04, 2018 3 min read

snore silencer

Do you want to reward yourself for a job well done? Maybe it's your birthday, and you want to gift yourself an innovative gift which promises to make your life easier.

Surprise yourself by picking from one of these nifty little products we have curated for you in this blog.


For all the times you wished, that you had a helping hand, Sockzyfits the bill. Imagine wearing and removing your socks without needing to bend down at all! It has a cheeky arm made of high-grade plastic which lets you remove the socks you are wearing.

Another impressive feature is the fitting device which automatically loads up a pair of socks into the gadget. It is actually a great gadget which is a handy gift for all people afflicted with knee, back or neck pain.

Anyone who cannot bend or has been asked by the doctor not to bend down will appreciate the Sockzy. Another hilarious use of the Sockzy is as a shoe horn, so blast away!

Deal with It Glasses

Live life king size by donning the super cool Deal with It Glasses. Live the life you always dreamt of living and quit thinking about what others say or think.

Complement your independent and sexy attitude with the Deal with it glasses. Keep rocking and give a damn to what other’s say.

It makes for a fantastic gift, and the gift receiver is sure to appreciate you and your funky choice!

These pixelated sunglasses make sure that you get a clear and unobstructed vision.  No barriers are there in these meme glasses. Get your favorite patterned glasses and protect your eyes with the inbuilt UV 400 safeguard.

You will get used to the comfortable nose support of these glasses. We should warn you that these may end up becoming your most favorite glasses!

Snore Silencer

You sure are aware of at least one person who desperately needs to snore less! Loud, noisy snores can be really disturbing. This is the perfect gift for people who sleep next to loud and noisy snorers.

If you have a loving partner who does not respond to gentle nudges to get up, you can make life easier by getting a snore silencer for them.

Available in 2 attractive colors of blue and red, this snore silencer is great at reducing the sound of the dreadful snores immediately.


Do you feel that your meal is incomplete without at least two dipping sauces? Are you part of the select dipping sauce bunch who need to order pizza with your favourite dipping sauce?

Welcome the Dipzy! It is specially crafted for all dipping sauce fans who cannot digest their meal without the dipping sauces.

Using the Dipzy is super easy as it can be conveniently attached to any plate. Once attached, just dip your finger food or pizza into the sauce in the Dipzy and enjoy!

Designed from food grade plastic, they can be easily cleaned by hand or the dishwasher.

Clip it and Dip it!

Selfie Light

 The concept of Selfies has taken the world by storm, so we just had to introduce innovative selfie-related products to the world. Selfie Addict or not, the Selfie Lightcan surely make you a Selfie Fan!

 Capture all your moods and styles, with your personalized photo studio! You don’t need a professional photographer or a good friend to bear with you patiently as you keep changing poses to get the best images!

 This Selfie Light takes excellent quality photographs. Powered by LED, all you need to do is attach this Selfie Light to the top of your phone or laptop.

Once it creates the best light and ambience, you can go ahead and capture the panoramic shots with your smartphone camera.

With its built-in 3 levels of brightness, you can easily power it up with the USB charger. No need for any old-style batteries. For a full charge, the Selfie Light can take up to 1 to 1.5 hours which comfortably gives you 2-5 hours worth of light.

 Go ahead and rule the world of Instagram!

Make Your Choice

You have every right to reward yourself! Go ahead and indulge with the most novel gadgets and make your life fun!

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