5 Fantastic Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

August 01, 2018 3 min read

self stirring mug- Bluecrate UK

With life always moving at a fast pace, we all look for hacks to help save time and make everyday a little easier.

Everyone likes cooking food but not the huge preparation time which comes with it.

Meal planning, shopping, preparing, cleaning, cooking and serving meals can take so much time.

Can you spend some time to cook nutrient-rich meals and not opt for take out? The other alternative, frozen and packaged meals don’t do any good for anyone’s health.

What if we told you that food preparation need not be so time-consuming with some of our latest kitchen hacks on offer? With these kitchen hacks, your time in the kitchen becomes more productive, happy and almost fun! Don’t believe us. Read on and know more

Butter Shredder

Are you a butter lover wanting to spread your butter perfectly? Do you prefer the hard butter for its flavor but find really difficult to make it soft and spread it, the way you want?

Achieve an even and smooth spread with the Butter Shredder today!

Just place the butter into the Butter Shredder, push it and twist it. The butter comes out of the top in the form which makes it absolutely heaven to spread nicely.

You can use this butter shredder for grating cheese as well as any other vegetables.

Self-Stirring Mug

What, isn’t that a typo?

Even after so many years, the morning always looks difficult.

Make your mornings more comfortable by getting the Self Stirring Mug for yourself?

When you start your day with a cup of tea or coffee, just add the self-stirring mug to your morning routine to see the magic happen. Save your precious time and stop stirring your drinks from the day you get your very own self-stirring mug.

What’s more, the mug keeps the beverage hot until you reach office!

Amazed, get it home and see it in action!



Are you a kebab lover but don’t like to put in time and effort which is needed to prepare Kebabs?

Introducing the easy Kebab Maker- the Kebabzi.

Yeah, go ahead and pinch yourself. This is a real Kebab maker!

Place your meat and vegetables in layers, one by one on the Kebabzi. Then cut the skewers and add them into the cooking. Within minutes, the Kebabzi dishes out 36 kebabs at the same time.

Whether you are having 2 guests or an entire BBQ house party, Kebabzi is the only kitchen hack you will need.


Magic Defrosting Plate

Do you hate defrosting the frozen food even after hours?

Stop leaving your frozen food in the open to thaw.

Use the magic defrosting plate to thaw the food quickly in half the regular time.

The magic plate does not use electricity, chemicals and microwaves but instead uses the warmth of the natural air to be absorbed into the superconducting tray. By doing so, the defrosting plate gently warms the food placed in it.

Stay safe with the rubber corner covers included in the package. It makes sure that no pointy edges exist.

Take your pick from the two sizes in which this is available-dimensions are noted below:

Large: 29.5CMx20.8CMx0.3CM

Medium: 23CMx16.5CMx0.3CM


Mini Raclette

Cheese lovers welcome aboard!

Have you ever wondered about taking your cheese raclette on the go?

This portable mini cheese raclette is one of a kind product which can make cheese absolutely warm and gooey!

Designed to work with small tea lights, this raclette has the capacity to melt your cheese exactly the way you want.

You can choose to slide the cheese off or make a dip of it. Put a small thin layer of cheese on the raclette, melt it and then slide off or dip into it.

Why not use it for omelettes too as this is really fun.

Make Your Choice

So, do you need to soften hard butter one day and melt the cheese just right the next day?

With cooking involving so many ingredients, the products variety is also very diverse. Each device has a speciality of its own which any other product cannot replicate.

Take a pick of the marvellous kitchen hacks on offer and make your meal making session pure bliss!

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