5 Essentials for Every Travel Junkie

September 04, 2018 3 min read

a person holding phone with selfie light

Travel is the ultimate adventure.

For every adventure, a travel junkie embarks upon; they only carry the essentials they require on that particular journey. They also prefer travelling light which allows them to travel long distances without being tired. One backpack is all they need to have fun and explore the world.

 Let’s get to know which modern and innovative essentials fulfils the millennial and generation z need for their unique and inspirational adventures.


Selfie Light

 Selfie is literally making the world go round.

Discovering many travel destinations and exploring natural and human-made wonders need to be captured in the eponymous selfie. All the adventures of the world have to be proclaimed on Instagram and Facebook as well!

Selfie addict or not, everyone is captivated by the newest gadget on the market – the Selfie Light. This innovative and fabulous device allows you to take the best images of yourself on the journey.

Rule Instagram with this Selfie Light which is powered by LED and can be easily positioned on top of any phone, laptop and even tablet.

It comes with a USB charger which can easily charge up the device for a continuous 3-5 hours based on the brightness level.

Light up the frame by showering just the right amount of light on the object of the image.  Get the best shots with 3 inbuilt levels of brightness which enhance the images and make them crisp and sharp.


Bottle Cap Launcher

You may be wondering, is a bottle cap launcher worth it to be on this list?

Doesn’t everyone have a bottle opener? Not just a bottle opener, the bottle cap launcher has many other uses as well. Perfect to carry on the go; it's a nifty little tool which has two significant benefits.

It opens up the bottle and also launches the bottle top away!  Hang it on the key ring to keep it safely near you when you need it. Do use it carefully though, taking care not to aim at anyone or any pet to avoid causing them any harm.


Unbreakable Wine Glass

Like the name, this unbreakable wine glass is a sturdy little device. It’s not just a wine glass but an unbreakable one to boot. Great for gifting, it is the perfect thing to pack in your travel bag.

Use it to have a drink at any place or anytime and be secure in the knowledge that it is never going to break.

Buy it in sets of 1, 4 or 8 if you are part of a bigger travel group. It is comfortable to carry and clean, and you can rest assured that it will not break, shatter or even bend.

Designed from silicon, it is super sturdy, stain resistant and flexible. Securely have your drink and make your selection from wine, beer, juice, coffee, soda and many more beverages.

Smart Bottle

If one thing you can take in your travel bag, that is your smart bottle. Carry your smartphone and water together in this astounding bottle which is the most innovative product you may have ever seen.

Are you worried that the phone may get smothered in the water? Well, that is something which is not going to happen as water and phone are stored in different compartments within the same bottle.

Get this bottle in your bag the moment you start packing. We can give you more reasons to make it a part of your backpack.  

With more hidden compartments, it can comfortably fit your USB drive, car keys, even a pair of headphones very safely with no risk of them falling off. The storage section can be easily unscrewed and used for keeping your stash.

Travel & Scratch

If you are going to a destination, can the travel and scratch globe be far behind? Use this fascinating and surprising globe to mark off the countries you have visited. 

Designed from cardboard with pretty scratch-off foil, this globe instantly allows you to depict the countries you have travelled in already. Similarly, the silver foil covered part lets you know which countries are not yet covered in your journey.

You can even mark the places; you wish to visit next. Tracking progress was never so easy and fun-filled!

Make Your Choice

Now that you know all the essentials, you should pack in your backpack, why not start collecting them asap. We are sure you wouldn’t want to travel the world without these must-haves travel hacks!

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