5 Awesome Gifts for People Who Love their Drinks

July 24, 2018 3 min read

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 Are you wondering what gift you can give your friend who loves his beer more than his life? Want to make the gift memorable and have fun at the same time?

It is so easy to get a gift for a friend who loves their drink. It is difficult to stand out and give a different and unique gift. Probably everyone in the party would get a gift of alcohol for them.

Beer, wine, vodka or tequila, whatever your friend likes, make sure to give them something which no other friend would probably give. Make it useful and unique.

In this nifty little guide, we have collated a set of stunning gifts which your booze-loving friend will absolutely adore!

Bottle Cap Launcher

Really, doesn’t everyone have a bottle launcher?

Hey, I did not say bottle opener. What I mentioned was a bottle cap launcher.

This is not just a bottle cap opener, but something much more. Fun and easy to use, this bottle cap opener and launcher have a two-pronged action.

All you have to do is open the bottle, and it shoots the bottle top away, safely of course!

Perfect to hand upon the key ring so it stays safe and close by for all the time you may need it. It is advisable to use this product safely and avoid aiming at anyone or any animal.

Great to use at parties and makes for a totally awesome gift!


The Unbreakable Wine Glass

The Unbreakable wine glass is the perfect gift for your wine-loving girlfriend! With this glass, there will be simply no excuse to start up a drinking party anywhere.

Available in packages of 1, 4 & 8, this is so easy to use and carry.

It will never break, bend or shatter. Its perfect size means that it is great for beach parties, barbeques, concert, boating, camping, spa, travel or just impromptu booze sessions anywhere! All you need is just a wine bottle to go with it.

This superpower wine glass is made of silicon which ensures that it will not break, however hard you may try.

It is stain resistant, flexible and goes with all kinds of drinks like wine, beer, water, juice, soda, coffee.

With these glasses, you never have to worry about little kids toppling them over and breaking them.

The best part is that these are dishwasher safe and BPA free too!

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Welcome to the ultimate tool for opening wine bottles!

Say goodbye to the forever fiddling corks of wine bottles. No more chipping of your beautiful French manicure.

This amazing electric wine bottle opener is simple and convenient to use and helps to pop out the cork in mere seconds, not minutes.

No more broken corks as this wine opener opens them safely almost as good as a professional waiter!

This opener makes for a perfect gift for your wine-loving friends and is great to carry outdoors for impromptu booze parties.

You will need batteries for this device so make sure you carry them with you.


Wine Bottle Lock

This wine bottle lock is a handy device.

Safely store your wines and liquors at home with this smart little lock. It prevents little children from accessing it and also any unwelcome guests from opening it.

It acts as a bottle stopper and also preserves the bottle from leaking. It has a snap on saver cork which is great if you want to store the bottle after its consumed partially.

This lock is a pretty useful gadget and suitable for gifting to all your booze-loving friends. Especially to the ones who share their space with roommates, as once the three digit combination lock is set, no one can open it.

Its size is designed to be used with the majority of the wine and beer bottles. It would be good if you can refer to the dimensions to make the best use of it.


Beer-Pong Hat

This beer pong hat is a perfect party starter! It comes with one hat, six cups and two balls.

Get the party wild and kicked up by playing the beer pong with the hat. Keeping it on the head makes it cool and so much fun to play!

Toss away like crazy with this beer pong hat with your drinking buddy. Take turns to see who’s the boss of the toss!

Contains 1 Hat, 6 Cups and 2 Balls.

Take Your Pick

Whether it is your wine loving girlfriend or your kickass neighbourhood buddy who loves his beers, giving a fantastic and innovative giftmakes sure that they will truly appreciate your time and thoughts which went into this unique gift.

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