4 Gadgets for the Organized Junkie

August 09, 2018

tidy tuck

Are you an organized junkie?  Do you keep on looking for stuff you can purge to make your space tidier?

Do you happen to organize and then re-organize already clean tables, especially closets? Even If you answered yes to one of the above questions, you are probably an organizing junkie!!

Whether you want to keep your home, dorm or office desk clean, organizing is the trick of the trade. Time and money, both are needed to plan and organize everything well.

Though many things help to organize in some of the simple and manual processes, there are a few devices which make your life easier.

We curated a bunch of hacks which make organizing easier for you and save a lot of time and effort in redoing things.


Tidy Tuck

Tucking in your shirt has never been easier. With this simple life skill in place, you can feel and look good at all times.

Tidy Tuck makes everything at ease for you and your shirt! Do you have a couple of shirts which refuse to be tucked in properly? The Tidy tuck makes it easier to tuck in even the most difficult of all shirts.

Remember that scene of having an ugly muffin top when you end up raising your arms? The tidy tuck makes that situation impossible.

Up your fashion and style by revamping your formal, casual and semi-casual clothing style!


Shoe Protectors

Shoe Protectors are a simple device which does a big job. Stay away from the rain by using the Shoe Protectors which go over your shoe and keep it safe from getting wet.

A shoe protector which is a minimum of 2 sizes bigger than your shoe is suitable and nicely fits over your shoes. Keep the dirt, water and rain away from your favourite shoes!

Keep your shoes tidy and clean, even in the monsoon season. Designed from plastic, they look stylish and can be easily reused. They are easy to clean too.


Closet Helper

Do you keep searching for various documents, bills, receipts and even school papers? With the Closet Helper taking pride of place, your closet is likely to stay clean and tidy.

Stop the misplacing game and use the closet helper to keep all your paperwork in order. Whether it is rent receipts, chequing account statements, credit card statements and other miscellaneous documents, the brilliant closet helper makes it all easy for you.

Stop going crazy and simplify things by segregating your documents and stacking it properly into the closet helper. Make use of its many sections to orderly place all your stuff.


Bathroom Organizer

Yeah, when you have an organizer in each room, why give the bathroom a miss? In fact, the bathroom looks small, but since a lot of time is spent there, it is important to make it organized.

During the day, a lot of time gets wasted on things which can be better organized.  At this time, if you have a bathroom organizer by your side, it can be of huge help in saving valuable time and keep things in an orderly fashion.

Save valuable morning rush time by placing all your essentials into the bathroom organizer and gain precious minutes in the day.

In a bathroom without an organizer, you perhaps keep searching for stuff at different times. Why not pick from the different color options available and organize your bathroom accordingly. Just open the package and stick it onto the bathroom mirror or the cabinet. Once you are done, you can put the different essentials and start using them.

Make Your Choice

With so many different devices and hacks, you can surely pick one or many from the list. Just grab the hacks and give them pride of place in the house and let them do their magic.

Slowly and gradually, you will notice that the gift of organizing will keep your house tidy and give you immense peace of mind at the same time.








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