3 Priceless Gifts for A Bit Of Self Love

July 29, 2018 3 min read

girl looking at the mood setting moon - Bluecrate UK

Another year goes past like a whirlwind. The trials, tribulations, holidays and running around like a lunatic have added up to another year.

You would have got many presents and great gifts for your friends and family over the year.

But have you ever thought about gifting yourself?

What about the small little things which you keep window shopping or browsing on the internet but never end up buying?

In the hustle and bustle of life, why not stop for sometime and reward yourself?

Pamper yourself and take the time just to sit back and enjoy. Pick up one of these lovely gifts without breaking the bank.

Here we have rounded up a small but amazing list of products which you would love to have for yourself. Ranging from simple to wacky, useful to wow, something in this list will surely catch your fancy.



Everyone has the regular stuff toys. Simple and boring.

Gift yourself the latest badass toy in the market.

Beware of Evimals. Stuffed animal toys are cute and pretty right. Wrong. 

Evimals can go from being cute to spooky in a matter of minutes.  They are not as they appear and can blow your mind away.  Younger children and older people, both are fans of this latest spooky toy in the market.

All you need to do is to give them a gentle squeeze which turns them from cute little-stuffed toy to a raging angry monster toy with all the scary fangs!

Make time at home and have fun with Evimals.

Available in three different versions of a teddy bear, rabbit and unicorn. Grab one today to see their action!

Then again, why not get all three and have your own Evimals Collection for your buddies to see!

Make your own little Evimal kingdom.

Go for it and get a gift of the extraordinary for yourself.


Mood Setting Moon

Give a glowing makeover to your home with this fantastic Mood Setting Moon. A 3D printed LED lit lamp is styled to be exactly like the moon.

You can be the next Bruce Almighty and bring the moon not only closer but inside your home.

Experience the brilliant light which comes in two different settings -white and yellow!

The wonderful Mood setting Moon can be the centrepiece of your bed, dining or living room.

How to use it?

Grab the USB charging wire which comes with it to charge the device. It takes 6-8 hours for a full recharge which makes the moon light up for a minimum of 8 hours to 30 hours.

The light settings determine the duration for which the Moon remains functional at a stretch. At lower light setting, the Moon remains lit up for almost 28-30 hours while with higher light settings, it runs for 8 hours.


Selfie Light

Are you a self-confessed Selfie Addict?

Well, we have to agree that you can capture your best images with the Selfie!

To make it even better, become the Selfie Expert with this awesome Selfie Light which lights up the frame when you capture the image.

Powered by LED, you can stick this Selfie Light on the top of any phone, laptop and tablet and create the best lighting for your Selfie! 

Want the best shot? Or maybe you want the light setting to be just right? Go ahead and optimize your images with the 3 different built-in brightness levels.

Use the USB charger which comes with it, and you don’t even need to worry about any batteries. This device takes nearly one and a half hours to charge which makes the Selfie Light run for about 2-5 hours based on the level of brightness.

Capture the best images with this Selfie Light. Why wait for someone to gift this to you?

Get the super cool Selfie Light and become the undisputed king of Selfies!

Instagram and Facebook, beckons you!


Take Your Pick

Once in a while, you can indulge in yourself with anything you have ever fancied for.  Don’t painfully restrict yourself by looking at things and ultimately not getting them.

Sometimes, give yourself the freedom to indulge.

Life is a balance, and it should ideally be that way. Endless cycles of work and commitment can take the life out of proportion. 

Get your groove back with these wonderful gift ideas and unwind with your favourite one.



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