3 Most Memorable Gifts for Your Man

July 29, 2018 3 min read

smart bottle which stores phone- Bluecrate UK

Many men love dropping big and little hints about what they want for their birthday. They may like a product from an old catalogue or send you a picture on WhatsApp of the latest smartwatch.

Does your man have his birthday coming up in the next month?

Or are you wondering about choosing a fantastic graduation giftfor your boyfriend?

We are quite sure that your man is not one of those simple fellows who can be understood easily and have everything in their life laid out in a simple manner.  Most probably, you are reading this article as you are still searching for that special gift for your man.

We have compiled this nifty little guide to help you identify the best gifts for your man which he will be super excited to unwrap.

Essentially to buy a gift for anyone, it makes sense first to brainstorm on a compilation of items which he would certainly not buy for himself.

This list can include a whole bunch of items starting from little practical things he could use daily or once in a moment kind of gifts.

Do you have your eyes set on a gift which he surely will not buy for himself owing to its exorbitant price tag but it is something he loves and will want to own?


Wine Buddy

Enjoy your wine always with the Wine Buddy.

This little device helps you to be hands-free and holds your wine glass securely and carefully.

Don’t you remember those times, when you were holding a plate of food and a glass of wine, and one ended up toppling the other?

It is a useless struggle in which there is no winner as this did not have a solution until now.

With the Wine Buddy, you never have to remember to hold your wine or get disturbed. Whatever you may be doing, whether watching Netflix, playing table tennis or even gaming, this wine buddy lets your wine bottle stay close to you.

Grab your Wine Buddy now to keep your hands free so that you can drink guilt-free!


Hidden Flask

Take the meaning of smugglers a whole notch higher with these hidden flasks!
This is a smashing concept which involves hiding your most loved booze in the binocular-shaped hidden flasks.

Enjoy your very own booze wherever you want with these fantastically hidden flasks. Made of food grade plastic, these flasks are durable and can contain up to 100 ml of your favorite liquid.

Pop, juice, water, vodka, whisky, beer take your pick and keep chugging on! Give a damn to what the outside world thinks and keep it moving pal.


Smart Bottle

Be the envy of everyone with your very own Smart Bottle which has your phone and water stored together in one amazing bottle.

Hey, that was not a typo!

We did say that. The Smart Bottle holds the water and your phone together in the same bottle.

Be hands-free and carry this super useful combo bottle to the gym, work, college and even to parties.

This is a super smart bottle with a hidden compartment which can be used for many purposes.

You can choose to put your phone in it, your keys, USB drive, headphones and what not. Hell, it even has a slot for plugging in the headphones.

The bottom can be unscrewed and used as a secret compartment for stashing your stuff.

This is a must have for all active gymming enthusiasts, runners, walkers, dancers and game players. An absolute must-have for anyone going for any exercise.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your Smart Bottle today and make heads turn!

The compartment size is perfect for iPhone 8 and all equivalent or smaller sized phones.

Simplify his life by giving him a gift which eases his life and makes him live in a smooth and tension free manner.

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