3 Fun Gifts for a First Time Dad

September 04, 2018 3 min read

mop slippers in foot

Was your best buddy recently blessed with a sweet baby? Having a baby is a life-changing moment for everyone, especially for dads. Being a supportive partner takes a lot of strength and patience.

At this happy time in his life, why not give him some innovative gifts which will help him enjoy this special time in his life.

Mop slippers

Cleaning the house was never so much fun! You don’t need mops, water or even any floor cleaner. Just wear these mop slippers and get started! This is the most effortless style of cleaning the house which you will absolutely love.

Yeah! You heard it right the first time! These are slippers with an in-built mop which is used to clean up dirt, dust and pet hair from the floor.

Once you wear these, you just need to walk around the house, and they will catch all the dirt particles and attract them to stick to itself. Once you are done, remove them from your feet and wash nicely by hand or in the washing machine. Once you wear them, everyone around you will crave for one too!

They are made of stretchy fabric with fibre which is soft and flexible to wear. They take up the wearer’s foot shape and size. The Mop slippers are sized to fit the majority of foot sizes including kids and adults.

You can even wear them on the top of your regular shoes, socks or go barefoot while wearing just the mop slippers. You can put them on the mop too and clean your room.

Forget kneeling and bending to use bulky vacuum cleaners. Get the mop slippers, and get ready to keep the house spic and span.

Runaway Alarm Clock

Waking up in the morning can be a fun way to start your day. Quit struggling to get up in the morning with the Runaway Alarm Clock.  Ditch the lethargy and wake up in the morning, feeling fully refreshed and charged up.

This runaway alarm clock helps you wake up from your warm and cosy bed feeling happy and energetic!

Forget the dull and drab ringing of the old-fashioned alarm clock. This little sleep fighter alarm clock has a unique mechanism of running away from the side table once it starts ringing.

If you place it on the side table at night before going to sleep, it will jump and run away, the moment it starts ringing. The runaway clock runs in all directions on the floor with its quick wheels and even changes directions once it bumps into an object on the floor.

You will need to get up and switch off to stop it from beeping and running away!  It has other excellent functions like customizing your snooze times to get out of bed in a jiffy!

 Selfie Light

 You may have heard of the Selfie Stick but do you know about the latest Selfie innovation on the market? Calling out to all Selfie Addicts, this Selfie Lightis the best accessory to take your Selfies to an altogether different level.  With the Selfie Light, capturing Selfies becomes a breeze.

 Light up the frame with just the right amount of brightness for your perfect image.

 Without being a photographer, you can take a shot at adjusting the backgrounds with the appropriate amount of lighting for the location and the scene of the Selfie. Personalize the brightness of your images with 3 built-in, brightness levels.

Fired by LED, this Selfie light can be easily stuck on the top edge of your smartphone, tablet and you can adjust the brightness levels as you like. The Selfie Light can even be attached on top of your laptop. The next time you are having a video call with your boyfriend, why not capture your sweet and sexy image for him and he can do the same for you!

Travel free with just the USB charger to charge the Selfie Light. Ditch the batteries. One full charge of one and a half hours is good for Selfie Light operating 2.5 hours at its optimum levels. So, when are you getting your next Facebook Profile Picture ready?

Make Your Choice

Stand out and make your best buddy’s life full of fun and freshness with these unique gifts which can help him save time, effort and capture the best memories of his happy family!


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